Academic Affairs' Awards in History

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Award was awarded for the final time in 2007. This award recognizes a member of the academic community who has demonstrated excellence in such areas as the development of innovative teaching and learning strategies, professional service or research, and service to students.

Academic Scholar Award

The Academic Scholar Award recognizes a member of the academic community who has demonstrated excellence in research, inquiry and/or scholarship. Ferris State University embraces a broad definition of scholarship that include emphasis on discovery, integration, application, and/or teaching.

Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award

The Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award recipient is recognized by colleagues and students for demonstrated excellence in teaching.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is conferred upon a faculty member who has served the community through activities such as leadership in departmental college and/or university committees; participation in activities that contribute to the well-being of the institution; leadership in local, regional, state, national or international professional organizations; and mentoring colleagues and students.

Distinguished Teacher Award

The Distinguished Teacher Award recognizes Ferris State University faculty for their dedication to and excellence in teaching.  

Diversity Enhancement Award

The Diversity Enhancement Award is conferred upon a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated a significant commitment to enhancing diversity and harmonious relationships at Ferris State University.

Excellence in Course Assessment Award

The Excellence in Course Assessment Award recognizes excellence in the use of assessment data in a course to improve student learning. This superior quality in course assessment may include having measurable learning outcomes, an appropriate assessment plan for each outcome, a clear method of collecting data based on the assessment plan, assessment data that sufficiently answered about how well the students were learning a given outcome, and an evaluation of the implications of the data and how it would be used to improve student learning in the course. Using data recorded in Improve (formerly TracDat), the Academic Affairs Assessment Committee (AAAC) evaluates all individual and team-taught course nominations.

Exemplary Online Course Award

The Exemplary Online Course Award recognizes Ferris faculty who have successfully pioneered online courses in their discipline during a time period in which online courses offered a relatively new method of instruction.

International Educator Award

The International Educator Award recognizes an individual who has exemplified a high level of involvement in international activities including:

  • Student-oriented activities such as organizing and leading study abroad programs, arranging and monitoring international internships, advising student organizations, and hosting international students
  • Curricular activities such as offering international/intercultural courses that add to those typically taught in one's discipline as well as developing programs that move beyond one's disciplinary boundaries
  • Scholarly activities such as research and grants, paper presentations and publications, sabbaticals, Fulbright and other international exchanges
  • Other activities such as organizing special events including festivals and conferences, arranging for speakers and visiting lecturers, serving on related University committees, and presenting workshops to other educators, community groups and organizations

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

The Outstanding Academic Advisor Award recognizes an academic advisor who has demonstrated excellence in such areas as providing superior service to students and/or developing innovative advising strategies and tools.

Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award

This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the academic and/or personal lives of first-year students. This award is open to faculty and staff in all areas of the University.

Richard W. Griffin Political Engagement Award

This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated exemplary commitment and contributions to the political knowledge, skills, and motivation of members of the FSU community.