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Academic Literacies Center

Breaking Down Barriers

The Academic Literacies Center (ALC) is dedicated to a holistic look at academic barriers and finding avenues past them. These barriers include learning styles, visual problems, medication issues, reading obstacles, presentation anxiety, and trauma, among others.

Who is it for?

  • Students with short-term barriers in specific academic contexts and tasks
  • Students with diagnosed deficits that require accommodation
  • Students who are struggling with long-term academic contexts who are trying to find ways past existing barriers

Why is it important?

The principal goal of the Academic Literacies Center is to address academic literacy and positively affect student learning, retention, and the learning environment. It provides students opportunities to be successful in specific courses, specific content areas, and/or finding ways past known or unknown existing barriers.

Ferris is committed to excellence and producing the highest quality outcomes for our students. Often, assistance in one area can reap benefits in many other areas of a student’s life.