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General Education

Natural Sciences
Problem Solving
Quantitative Literacy
Self and Society


Revised General Education Program

MissionGeneral Education at Ferris State University challenges students to be successful citizens of a diverse and globalized world.

Philosophy:  A “…successful citizen of a diverse and globalized world” is someone who understands the important social and scientific issues of the day; someone who is able to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas about these and other issues, and work effectively with others to address them; someone who is knowledgeable about other cultures and understands the inherent value of that; someone who is personally responsible for their own actions and behaviors;  and someone who is able to develop and integrate new knowledge and experiences for a lifetime of personal and professional growth.


Effective as of the fall of 2017, Ferris State University has implemented a revised General Education program. All students declaring an academic major in fall 2017 or later must fulfill the revised General Education requirements; students declaring a major prior to fall 2017 remain under the aegis of the old General Education requirements.

In many respects, General Education at Ferris will seem very familiar to you. However, there are new requirements for Collaboration and Problem solving for all Bachelor's degree programs. These courses exist in each program at Ferris and will not add any additional cost or time to degree. An overview of the similarities and differences between the two programs can be accessed here

New student learning outcomes (FLOs) have been defined for all eight Core Competencies and a comprehensive assessment plan has been created to evaluate student proficiency in these key skills.

Please take some time to look over these new materials and provide some feedback to the General Education Director. Your input is greatly appreciated.