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Lab Safety Committee

Lab Safety Committee

To raise hazardous substance awareness and to identify the areas in which the University is in as well as in need of compliance so that an enhance system of education, training, and compliance can be established, implemented and successfully maintained.


  • Tom Dowling (Co-Chair), College of Pharmacy
  • Mike McKay (Co-Chair), SHERM, Director
  • Michele Upton, SHERM, Assistant Director
  • David Frank, Chair of Physical Sciences, College of Arts Sciences and Education
  • Beth Zimmer, Chair of Biological Sciences, College of Arts Sciences and Education
  • Steve Reifert, Interim Associate Provost of Academic Operations
  • Sheila MacEachron, Professor, College of Health Professions
  • Gary Maike, Director, School of Automotive & Heavy Equipment Technology, College of Engineering Technology
  • Vacant, Physical Plant Representative

All lab safety policies and procedures are now located in the SHERM site.