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Academic Advising Guide

Our Commitment to Students

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Academic advising is an important part of Ferris State University's commitment to educating its students. Student exit and satisfaction surveys have identified Ferris faculty as one of the key positive forces that have bonded them to their programs and to the University.

Advising involves both the development and communication of accurate information regarding degree programs, courses, resources, University/College policies/procedures, and career opportunities intended to help students in attaining their educational goals.

Academic advising, effectively delivered, can be a powerful influence on students' development and learning and, as such, can be a potent retention force on campus. (Crockett, 1996)

Ferris State's advising systems will provide guidance for students, influence their development, promote retention, build relationships within the University, and identify services that help students clarify both their career and life goals. Advising is centered on instructional services that go beyond academic interests and promote a caring attitude on part of college personnel toward students.