College of Arts and Sciences

About the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

At the College of Arts and Sciences of Ferris State University, our students prepare to contribute to a complex and diverse world. Our Biological Sciences; English, Literature, and World Languages; Humanities; Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences; and Social Work departments prepare leaders in a range of professions, from law and politics to education, social work to veterinary medicine.

A principal goal of the College of Arts and Sciences is to enable students to develop the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in college and to function effectively and responsibly as reflective, ethical, and creative human beings.

The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the university's largest colleges, with nearly 200 faculty and 1,900 enrolled students. The college offers the General Education coursework for every student who enters Ferris, regardless of college or program. Arts and Sciences also offers an array of programming leading to bachelor of science, bachelor of arts, and associate degrees, as well as certificate programs, an array of minors, and a master's degree in social work. The college prides itself on its professional teaching faculty who dedicate themselves to their students in both upper-division and lower-division coursework.