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Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award 2019

Sarah Rescoe

Sarah RescoeKnown for her dedication and caring support of all students, but especially first-year students, English, Literature, and World Languages Instructor, Sarah Rescoe, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2019 Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award.

“Few professors develop such an excellent rapport with their students. Because Dr. Rescoe cares so much about helping current and former students succeed at Ferris, she continues to help them in ways that go far beyond the job title ‘professor.’” Humanities Instructor, Christian Peterson, writes in a support letter. “Students ask Dr. Rescoe for advice on how to deal with the myriad of challenges that young adults face in challenging times.”

“I believe that FY student educators like myself have a responsibility to use pedagogy and mentorship strategies wisely to empower FY students to become more adaptable to uncertainty and university life …” writes Rescoe in her nominee response. To that end, she employs “a combination of (1) instructional support, (2) personal and emotional support, and (3) social capital/network support” to “encourage critical thinking, conflict resolution, and collaboration to bring about constructive social discourse, self-advocacy, and academic and personal success.”

First-year students have many needs for mentoring and support beyond the classroom. Rescoe is particularly responsive to helping these students. She has assisted students in applying for financial aid, food stamps, medical school, and study abroad programs. In addition to helping current students, her door is always open to former students who come to her with requests for help such as with citing research papers, preparing for public speaking, handling written communication with parole officers, and helping set up online bill paying.

Comments from student evaluations include “really awesome lady with a huge heart and passion for teaching. She genuinely cares about how her students do, and makes learning really easy,” “absolutely wonderful professor. She developed a close relationship with her students. I felt welcome and I wasn't afraid to ask her questions like I am with most teachers/professors,” “She is such an amazing professor and she is the kindest woman I have ever met,” “Sarah … truly cares about her students and their success; she isn’t just doing her ‘job’,” “Sarah Rescoe is an outstanding woman, leader, and professor. So very knowledgeable, sweet, and helpful,” “You’re seriously the best professor I’ve ever had at Ferris. Thank you for always giving me awesome feedback and always answering all of my questions!”

Former student William Wood sums up Rescoe’s many years of student evaluations: “Sarah is still one of the most dedicated and passionate professors I have ever had at Ferris.”

Rescoe and other recipients of the 2019 Academic Affairs Awards were recognized on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at the Employee Service Awards in the David L. Eisler Center.