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Human Resources

Human Resources

As the University moves to return to campus, you may have concerns that you will not be able to return to your on-site work location due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, health conditions that put you at a higher risk for COVID-19, childcare situations, etc.  The University and Human Resources wants to work through these concerns with you.  Please review the COVID-19 return to in-person work exception form below.  If you believe you have one of the situations outlined on the chart, please follow the directions for next steps.  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]


Symptom Checker Daily Symptom Checker


As we work together to promote campuses and workplaces, we have created a confidential portal for our employees to report their status if they have a positive COVID-19 result.  Pursuant to public health code, employees are required to notify their employer of their positive status.   The portal will provide a confidential report to Human Resources and meets HIPAA compliance regulations.   Please use the link below to report a positive COVID 19 test.


Report a positive COVID-19 test

ADA Accommodation Request Form


Ferris State University became aware of large-scale fraud attempts against the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance program.  

There has not been a breach of information at Ferris State University. The University is one of many Michigan employers that have been targeted by criminal enterprises filing fraudulent unemployment claims using stolen personal information. These fraudulent unemployment claims are being investigated by federal and state law enforcement. The University is working diligently with the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) to help identify and mitigate the fraudulent activity.

When an individual files a claim for unemployment, a written Monetary Determination letter will be mailed to the claimant. If you receive this letter (Form UIA 1575C) and you have not applied for unemployment benefits, or the name on the form is not yours, you may be a victim of identity theft. The UIA has set up a website to report identity theft. If this happens, notify UIA immediately. If you have not applied for unemployment and receive a payment card for unemployment, you may be a victim of identity theft. Do not activate or utilize the payment card.  

If you have been receiving unemployment due to being placed on furlough by the University, you may receive a “Stop Payment” notice from the UIA. If you receive a “Stop Payment” notice on your account per the UIA, detailed instructions have been emailed and mailed to you on how to submit additional identifying information in order to receive your benefits.  Please respond to this notice and provide the information they are requesting. 

If you have not been placed on furlough by the University and a claim comes through the UIA employer portal, we will contest this claim and report the claim as fraudulent.

More information regarding protecting unemployment benefits from identity theft is available online

Temporary Leave and Hardship Loan FAQ


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