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Students working in a group.

The Honors Program

Enrich Your Education

Ferris State University provides an excellent, career-focused education. 

The Honors Program enriches it. 

Apply to Honors for Spring / Fall 2023 Now

(This form is used for both new students and transfer students)

Get More Out of College

Honors is about getting more out of your college experience by putting more of yourself in. We look for students who perform more brilliantly, seek more challenges, who are more committed, more independent and want to take advantage of more opportunities.

Choose from Ferris' unique selection of technical and professional degrees. Tackle challenging Honors courses that require critical thinking while deepening your understanding of local and global communities. Develop leadership skills that bring out the best in people. Balance a strong, career-focused education with well-rounded personal growth.

Get priority course registration and special consideration for admission into key professional programs. Live in a private room in one of four Honors residence halls with students who share your desire to excel academically, explore ideas and seek challenges. Earn scholarships. Be recognized for your commitments.

You'll get a college experience made even better by special opportunities to volunteer, study abroad, work with faculty on research projects and attend cultural events, all with new friends who are as intellectually spirited and inquisitive as you are. However you choose to engage, doing so will foster curiosity, dialogue and intellectual rigor.

Honors students strive for intellectual autonomy and academic excellence so they are prepared to contribute to the advancement of their chosen professions.