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Cost of Attendance

How much does it cost to go to Ferris State?

An Estimated Cost Calculator tool is available to help you estimate the cost of attending Ferris State University, based on your individual circumstances.

How much financial aid will I receive?

The Net Price Calculator will help you estimate your costs and the amount of financial aid you will receive.

Want more Information? Cost of Attendance 101

Federal regulations allow the Financial Aid Office to consider specific expenses in estimating each student's cost of attendance or budget. The student's budget, as determined by the Financial Aid Office, is the maximum amount of financial aid a student may receive from any source. Student budgets are comprised of the average cost of the following expenses — tuition, room and board, books and supplies, transportation expenses, personal expenses and loan fees. Because different categories of students have different expenses, each student is assigned a budget reflecting his or her particular costs. For instance, graduate students pay higher tuition rates than undergraduate residents.

Please note that Ferris State University will not bill students for transportation costs or personal expenses. These estimates are included in the cost of attendance for planning purposes and to allow students the opportunity to obtain enough financial aid to cover these expenses.

Some programs, such as Automotive Technology and Dental Hygiene require the purchase of tools and supplies. The cost of tools is added to the Cost of Attendance for students enrolled in programs that incur those expenses, so that they may acquire the aid necessary to cover those expenses. The Financial Aid Office relies on enrollment records and information from the Dean's offices and instructors of those programs to tell us how much to include for additional tool and supply costs and at what point in the student's curriculum we should add those additional expenses.

Tuition costs and room and board charges for on-campus students are typically not finalized until the Board of Trustees meet in July of each year. The Financial Aid Office uses historical data to estimate changes to tuition and room and board fees and estimate the student budgets accordingly. Historically, Financial Aid Office estimates have been very close to the actual rates charged.

To review the most recent approved tuition and room/board rates, please click here.

Budget Examples

As mentioned above, the Financial Aid Office will provide an estimate of each student's "budget" or estimated cost of attendance. When a student reviews their financial aid award notice, they will also see the estimated budget that covers their educational costs.

When comparing costs from one school to another, it's important that you compare "apples to apples". We've provided a breakdown of expenses for planning purposes. Please note that in the chart below, the tuition is based on 14 credit hours per semester.

Annual Budget For 2024-2025 U. S. and Canadian Resident Undergraduate Students
Tuition & Fees $14,778
Living Expenses including Food  & Housing* $11,462
Subtotal $26,240
Books, Course Materials, Supplies and Equipment $890
Travel** $686
Personal/Misc. Expenses** $1,806
Total $29,622

* Residence Hall w/ meal plan
** You will not be billed for these expenses