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Distinguish Constructor Award

Ferris State University has enjoyed a lifetime partnership with the Michigan construction industry. Industry leaders have generously given their time and expertise to aid the development of our students. In turn, our graduates have entered the workforce and, in many cases, become leaders themselves.

The Distinguished Constructor Award is established to formally recognize the significant achievements made by individuals to the Michigan construction industry. Selection of a Distinguished Constructor is based on the nominee's contribution over time to the Michigan construction industry. It is not, as with most annual industry awards, a competition based on the best achievements over a single project or year, nor within specific categories.

The Distinguished Constructor is someone who has left a significant mark on the industry and community because of consistent service and achievement. Based on qualitative rather than quantitative means, the Distinguished Constructor Award Panel identifies nominees who have provided major contributions to the industry or community based on the nominee's involvement as a constructor.

Selecting Distinguished Constructors

Awards will be made to individuals who are leaders in the building and construction industry, including general contractors, construction managers, home builders, subcontractors and suppliers. Areas of construction include:

  • Residential or public housing,
  • Commercial or industrial building projects,
  • Major infrastructure projects,
  • New technology or practices in construction,
  • Innovative application of products, construction techniques or financing, and
  • Involvement with major aspects of health and safety, quality, sustainable development, industrial relations, or social change.

Elements Considered in the Process

  • Examples of distinguished achievement that reflect major technical, managerial, and leadership roles within the construction industry to the extent that the individual is openly recognized within the industry as a leader with integrity and professionalism, and has contributed talent to the community in a recognizable manner.
  • The nominee has achieved regional, state or national prominence as a result of industry or community activities.
  • The nominee has taken a leading role in professional and community life. For example, the nominee has held senior office in relevant professional bodies or community groups, has been highly influential in this role, or has given invited keynote addresses at significant meetings and conferences.

Membership in the Michigan Construction Hall of Fame is reserved for those individuals who have distinguished themselves at the highest level.