Career Programs Services

Valuable support services are available for students enrolled in the associate degree programs offered within the College of Engineering Technology. Even if you are not currently in one of these programs but are considering one of them or if you have completed one of the programs and have moved on to one of the bachelor's degree programs, you may be eligible to receive support services.

Two-Year career programs in the College of Engineering Technology (CET) include:

Our Career Programs Specialist

Leigha Compson

Leigha Compson is the University Career Programs Specialist within Academic Affairs who works with students in the College of Engineering Technology. By setting up an appointment with her, she can connect you to campus resources that will help you be successful. Leigha would love to assist you in overcoming challenges to achieve your academic goals and realize your dream career. Working with high school students, educators, and participating in community outreach events are some of Leigha’s other favorite role responsibilities.

Leigha Compson, MA, LPC
University Career Programs Specialist
Phone: 231.591.3549
Email: [email protected]
Jonson Hall 200, 1009 Campus Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307