MyDegree FAQs

MyDegree General Information

  • MyDegree is a web-based student degree audit program designed to help students track their degree progress, to help prepare for registration, and to help plan for graduation. MyDegree is designed to aid the registration process, but does not replace face-to-face advising.

  • All Ferris degree-seeking students can access MyDegree, as well as those who will be advising students throughout their academic career. A MyDegree Audit is available for students who were admitted or readmitted to a degree program after Fall 2012.

  • Yes. MyDegree will not check certain program-specific requirements, such as background checks or licensure requirements.

  • Students: Log into MyFSU and click on the Student Tab, then click MyRecords. Under the Degree Progress & Graduation (located on the left hand side), you will find MyDegree.

    Faculty: Log into MyFSU and click on the Faculty & Advisors tab. Under the Faculty Quick Links, you will find MyDegree for Students (3rd icon from the left).

  • MyDegree will help you:

    • identify the degree requirements in your declared major
    • identify which courses are still needed in order to graduate
    • identify which courses you have taken that count as free electives
    • identify which courses you have completed in your major
    • find out how the courses you have already taken in your major will fit potential new major requirements
    • estimate how much longer it will take to graduate
    • decide which courses to take for the following semester
    • identify fulfillment of your General Education requirements
    • view courses taken by semester (Class History)
  • In several cases, a certain class can fulfill more than one requirement. However, it is important that you check with your advisor to identify whether this is acceptable for your specific major.

  • Yes, MyDegree will show all earned credits you have been awarded by Ferris State University. These credits could be from another university, community college, military, CLEP, Advanced Placement, etc. These credits will show up as transfer credit in compliance with Ferris’ policy.

MyDegree Audit Information

  • A MyDegree audit is a review of coursework completed which will identify what degree requirements have been met and which still need to be completed based on the declared major, minor and/or concentration.

  • Your audit will display courses completed and in progress. The audit will also display any remaining requirements for your declared degree.

  • You have access to your audit via the MyFSU portal. Those who advise you regarding your academic career can also access your audit.

  • If your audit seems incorrect, you should talk to your advisor and/or Dean’s office. They should be able to answer any questions about the audit that seem incorrect. Kendall students should contact the Student Services office for assistance.

  • Click "Save as PDF" on the audit (located in between the "View" and "Process New" buttons. Once the new window open, you will be able to print the audit. 

  • No. Your official transcript is the final documentation of your academic record. To order an official transcript, go to the Academic and Services Tab in MyFSU and click “Official Transcripts and Enrollment Verification” under Student Records. To view your unofficial academic transcript, go to the Academic and Services Tab in MyFSU and click “Unofficial Academic Transcript.”

  • The audits are updated at night, Monday-Friday. Program changes, substitutions, and grade changes need to move through the system for approval before being processed. To "Refresh the Student's Data" click on the white circle (located next to the "Last Refresh" box) to pull the latest data. 

MyDegree Features

    1. Click the “What If” tab located below the "Worksheets" tab
    2. Select a degree.
    3. Select the catalog year that matches the year you plan on starting that major, minor and/or concentration.
    4. Select additional majors, minors and/or concentrations.
    5. Click "Process What If"
    6. Notice how your current courses would fulfill the requirements of this major.
    7. Decide if you would like to change or add an additional major.
  • The “What If” link on the left will allow you to see the courses you have already completed, and see how those courses will fit into your future major, minor, certificate, or concentration.

  • No. The “What If” link just allows you to see what would happen if you decide sometime in the future you would like to change your major, minor, or concentration. In order to officially change your major, you should go see your advisor. You must also meet the admission requirements for that particular program and/or college. Kendall students should contact the Student Services office.

  • The GPA calculator allows you to predict your grade point average based on the anticipated grades you expect to receive in your current semester. It can also present various options for raising your grade point average to a specific level.

    There are three different types of GPA calculators available.

    1. The Graduation Calculator determines what is needed to reach your desired GPA when graduating.
    2. The Term Calculator sets goals for specific classes in your current term.
    3. The Advice Calculator shows how many credits of a certain grade are required to reach your desired GPA.

    Caution: Please note that all programs in the College of Education and Human Services except Criminal Justice include transfer grades when computing the major and minor grade point averages. Those grades are not taken into consideration by MyDegree. Therefore the GPA displayed on your audit for the major and minor will not reflect the actual GPA calculated by the college.

  • The Planner helps you create a long-term plan for graduation. You can then check that plan to make sure that the courses you take will fulfill your major requirements. The Planner helps you stay on track for graduation.

MyDegree Graduation Information

  • No. You must complete the online graduation application located in your MyFSU. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact your academic advisor and or Dean's Office. 

  • MyDegree reflects your progress toward graduation, but is not an application for graduation. To be eligible for graduation, you must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and meet the course, credit, and GPA requirements. Contact the dean’s office of your major program for graduation application instructions. Kendall students may contact the Student Services office.