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Technical Help

Blank Page after logging into MyDegree
Problem:  After you Login to MyDegree the screen is blank. The most common cause is the Web browser pop-up blockers are blocking the page.
Solution:  Turn off your pop-up blockers.  If you are uncertain on how to remove blockers for your preferred browser please visit

Blank Page when using the Planner function
Problem: If you have Firefox 55 (or later) installed on your computer (Mac or PC), you will not be able to access the Planner as these versions of Firefox are not compatible with the Planner.
Solution: There is no known fix at this time.

Error on Planner using Internet Explorer
Problem:  For those users currently running Windows 10 operating system and using the Web browser Internet Explorer, there is a problem when dragging and dropping classes onto the Planner. When you drag/drop the class to the Planner the link to the class shows up instead of the class.
Solution:  There are two solutions:

  1. After the class has been dropped onto the Planner, the class is hiding behind the link. Delete the link and the class should still be on the Planner.
  2. Manually type the class into the Planner.