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Mobile Communication Devices

Employees may be issued a cell phone to perform their job duties in and out of the office. However, issuance and expense distribution of University owned and maintained Mobile Communication Devices (MCD) requires some reimbursement by the employee. A MCD is defined as a cell phone, Smartphone, Windows Mobile Device, wireless Internet card, or any other mobile communications device that requires a monthly or annual fee and provides an electronic communication connection.

The MCD Policy and the related FAQ help explain what the rules are. The Supporting Services and Devices FAQ explains what devices can be set up to work with Outlook and what forms a person needs to fill out to get started.

In addition, an employee may elect to use their personally-owned phone to access University email services. Depending on the circumstance, the employee's department may elect to pay for this, or the employee may have to pay for it themselves.

The request for a mobile device can be made by submitting a ticket through the IT Service Portal.

Related Information

If you have any questions, contact the IT Solution Center.