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Walk-Up Services

In addition to the IT Solution Center's 24 hour phone support at (231) 591-4822, you can get in-person help from the Walk-Up Service Desk. Here you can get hands-on assistance with many of your technology issues.


The Walk-Up Service Desk is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday in the David L. Eisler Center Building, Room 108. We accept credit/debit cards or your preferred form of contactless payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc). Cash and checks are not accepted.

Services Offered


Many issues can be diagnosed right at the Walk-Up Service Desk. However, if a device needs to be opened up for further diagnosis, the device can be sent to our hardware repair team. This procedure is a $30 flat fee. 

Software Installation

All Ferris supported software can be installed free of charge for current Students, Faculty, and Staff. Non-Ferris supported software can be installed for $15 + the cost of software. 

Operating System Installation

Whether it's bare metal or virtual, we can install the latest versions of Windows, macOS, or Linux on your machine. This service is a $30 flat fee. 

Virus/Malware Removal

We can remove many kinds of viruses and malware. Sometimes, they can be removed manually, but sometimes, this process could require an operating system reinstallation. This service is a $30 flat fee.

Hardware Installation

Even in modern computers, several hardware components can be replaced, such as hard drives, RAM modules, and screens. This service is $30 + cost of hardware. 

Data Recovery

In some cases, when a drive fails, it is still functional enough to get the data off of it and onto a flash drive. This service is a $30 flat fee. Because success is highly dependent on the state of the drive, we recommend maintaining periodic backups of your data to mitigate loss. 

Hard Drive and Operating System Installation

When replacing a hard drive, it still needs an operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.). When we replace a hard drive, we also install the appropriate operating system. This service costs $30 + cost of hard drive. 

Hard Drive and Operating System Installation w/ Data Backup

If you have documents, music, pictures, or videos saved to the hard drive that you still need, we can back them up and transfer them to the new drive when everything is installed. This service costs $30 + cost of hard drive.  

Tech Help

Tech Help is an event Ferris holds every beginning of fall semester where you can get any network enabled device registered on the Ferris WiFi network and receive assistance with accessing Ferris systems. We will have extra support technicians available the first three days of classe. This, along with other services such as password resets and device troubleshooting, can be done anytime during open hours at the Walk-Up Service Desk in the David L. Eisler Center, room 108. This service is free. 

Product Costs

5-Port Ethernet Switch, 7' Ethernet Cable Included
$10.00 + tax

25' Ethernet Cable
$5.00 + tax

6' HDMI Cable
$5.00 + tax

32GB Flash Drive
$10.99 + tax

64GB Flash Drive
$16.99 + tax

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter (iPad)
$19.00 + tax

Apple 1M Lightning Cable
$19.00 + tax

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (iPhone)
$19.00 + tax

TRIPP-Lite 3' USB to Micro USB Cable
$10.00 + tax

Belkin 6' USB to USB-C
$10.00 + tax

Belkin USB Power Adapter
$14.00 + tax

Wireless Phone Charger
$10.00 + tax

Special order items

Special order items such as memory, hard drives, video cards, etc., purchased through the IT Solution Center must be installed by IT Solution Center technicians and are subject to the standard service charge, plus any necessary software/hardware cost.