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Removal of Barcoded IT Assets

Information Technology services, in support of University policy and standards, will work with department leadership to collect all barcoded assets assigned to employees who are leaving the University.  In all instances, barcoded assets must be returned to the University’s IT Inventory area for proper evaluation of reuse and removal of University data and applications.  This includes scenarios where employees have been authorized to keep or purchase barcoded assets upon leaving University employment. All computing device assets are held for 30 days to accommodate the departments need when re-filling a position. If the department takes longer than 30 days to re-fill a position, the same computing device will be re-deployed if available or a computing device that is as good or better than the original will be deployed.  

University policy and processes require that all assets be returned to comply with data security policies and the proper disposal of surplus property.  Future disposition of these returned assets will be maximized in accordance with current processes for upgrade replacement needs or otherwise returned to service based on the needs of the University. All requests to re-deploy or re-distribute barcoded assets will be treated as a new support request.

Working together, we will ensure University data is protected and barcoded assets are properly documented throughout the asset lifecycle.  

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the IT Solution Center at 231-591-4822.