2020 Maintenance Night Schedule

To keep our IT systems up and running, it is necessary to apply patches, install upgrades, and perform equipment maintenance. We scheduled one or two Thursday nights a month, starting at 10pm, to do most of this work. Other Thursday nights may be used if the work cannot wait. All systems should be functioning by 6am Friday morning, if not earlier.

However, if a vital network system is not performing properly, we may need to take it out of service to repair it outside of regular maintenance time. We will let you know of planned system work and status updates via announcements on the MyFSU login page, within Blackboard, on IT Services Announcement Web page, and/or through email.

The following is a list of all scheduled days for maintenance nights.

In addition, Banner services are usually unavailable at the end of the month for processing of business records. Please see this page for more information.

**After reviewing network usage, we found that Thursday nights, from 10pm to 6am, are low usage times. In addition, the technicians doing the work will be able to contact our vendors during their standard business hours the next day if needed.