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Information Technology Services Mission

IT Vision Statement

Connect Bulldogs to global opportunities.

IT Mission Statement

Provide value through excellent customer service and integrated technology solutions.

In support of this mission, IT will follow these guiding principles:

Our Core Values drive and guide us as we serve the University community. As members of the IT department, we are committed to:

Department Tagline: (A simple, impactful, and memorable slogan that clearly states what we do and provides an opportunity to continue the conversation by discussing in depth the contributions that IT provides our students and the University.)

“IT Connects”

  • People
  • Careers
  • Education
  • Opportunity
  • Systems
  • Services
  • Securely
  • The world to Ferris State University
  • Learning

Statements of Fact:

Students of Ferris State University will be the best ambassadors to promote the value and strength of Ferris State University throughout their personal and professional career.

IT will not be a barrier to business goals; however, IT cannot achieve success without support from the business.

The Information Technology department will align our efforts with the principles, goals, and strategies of the Ferris State University Plan for Information Technology and the University Strategic Plan. IT will translate strategies into action plans, resulting in the efficient and effective use of information technology resources.

IT will strive to add value to the services we provide guided by the concept “If our customers had a choice, would they choose us to deliver the requested service?”.

IT Vision, Mission, Values – Our Purpose

  • A vision statement answers – WHAT do we aim to achieve?
  • A mission statement answers – HOW do we plan to achieve the vision?

Charles Weaver, Chief Information Officer