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Hardware and Software Acquisitions - University Funds

The procurement of all computing and communication hardware and software is coordinated by the IT Solution Center in order to maximize the University's investment in Information Technology (IT).

To take advantage of IT tools in the most cost-effective manner possible, the University has standardized a series of hardware and software products that integrate easily with the University's IT infrastructure. An up-to-date list of supported hardware and software is available from the Ferris IT Services Portal and on the IT Standards Web site. When considering the purchase of hardware or software, departments should choose products from this list and coordinate their purchase with their technicians. 

While the acquisition of standard products is encouraged, some departments have need for special equipment or software not included in the list of supported products. the IT Solution Center will consult with the department to select the most appropriate equipment and to work out an agreement for continued support.

Departments who choose to buy IT resources not approved by ITS are responsible for their implementation and ongoing maintenance. The IT Solution Center will not be responsible for interfacing such hardware or software to the campus network.

In accordance with the University's funding philosophy, costs for the acquisition of IT resources are borne by the purchaser.

Acquiring software and hardware with University funds

  • What software comes standard with my computer?
    • The Desktop Standards group establishes what comes on all computers. Based on your department and your role at the university, you may also have other software applications on your computer.
  • What PC hardware is the University standard?
    • Dell and Apple are our two main suppliers of computing related equipment.
  • What software is the University standard?
  • How can I get the software and hardware I need to do my job?
    • First, contact the IT Solution Center to request a quote if you don't know exactly what you need. A technician will work with you to discuss your needs and develop a solution.

    • Then, use the IT Service Portal site to submit a ticket with any needed information. After all approvals are completed through the ticket process, your items will be purchased.