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iPads on Campus

Are you considering getting an iPad to use in the classroom? They offer a new set of fun features and tools to engage learners of all ages. But, there are some things to consider. First, keep in mind that an iPad is NOT necessarily a replacement for a traditional computer. There are things that can’t be done on an iPad that must be done on a computer. Our recommendation is that, although there are benefits to using an iPad in a classroom setting, don’t substitute it for a standard computer until you feel you can make up for those lost features.

The following are functionality issues you may find when attempting to use your iPad as you would use your standard computer

  • The internal file system or file management system on the iPad is much different from a traditional computer.
  • Animations/videos that were created with Adobe Flash will not work on your iPad.
  • Files stored on your network drives are not accessible unless you use a remote management tool to access your office computer.
  • Printers on campus will not work with your iPad.
  • Wireless complications are likely to increase with multiple Wi-Fi devices in a localized areas.
  • Ferris Virtual Private Network (VPN) cannot be used from an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

As you grow more comfortable with your iPad, you may find ways to circumvent these issues, but feel free to click on the help pages to give you some ideas on which iPad model is right for you, and how to use your iPad in your teaching and/or learning.

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