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Choosing an iPad

So, you’re in the market for an iPad to use for your educational needs. Well, there are three main options to choose from. There is the iPad Mini 4 that was released in September of 2015, the iPad Air 2, released in October of 2014, and the iPad Pro, released in March of 2016.  There are many differences between the three models, and obviously the new model will have new features, but it also comes with a bigger price tag. After reading this help page and maybe a few of our resources posted below, you should be able to decide which model suits your needs.

Storage Space

All iPads comes in three storage sizes (with the exception of the iPad Pro, which doesn't come in a 16 GB version):
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB

All models can be purchased at "brick-and-mortar" retailers and from online retailers like Amazon. 16 GBs will suffice in most situations, such as web browsing or checking your email, but if you start downloading movies, or putting your entire iTunes library on your iPad, those 16 gigabytes will dry up quickly. So it might be a safe idea to upgrade to the 32GB or 64 GB models, but if you don’t think it’s worth the price, the 16 GB model will work just fine.

Wi-Fi vs. 4G

The next option that really affects the price is whether you would like to buy an iPad with Wi-Fi, or an iPad with both Wi-Fi and 4G services. To sum up the difference between Wi-Fi and 4G, refer to this article that breaks it down nicely.

All of the latest iPads offer both options, but the 4G option is more expensive by about $130. 4G is great when you’re in areas where Wi-Fi isn’t available, but if you’ll mostly be using your iPad in areas where you know there is Wi-Fi, then the 4G won’t be necessary.

The iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro

There are all kinds of technical specifications differentiating the three models, but if all of those numbers seem a little overwhelming, read this article that clearly states the differences between these models.