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iPads For Learning

Early on, you may notice the difficulties associated with file management on your iPad. For example, let's say that you have a presentation and an essay due tomorrow, and you just bought your new iPad for the job. What you used to do on Microsoft PowerPoint and Word isn't so easily accomplished on the iPad. Without purchasing extra apps, you will neither be able to create slideshows or Word documents, nor download them from your e-mail or Blackboard.

Documents, Slideshows, and Spreadsheets

Or, as we're used to saying, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel charts. Microsoft Office Suites are the standard for classroom file design and management. Most classes offer some sort of online application, ranging from fully online classes, to maybe just the occasional online document submission. Either way, you’ll have to view and create documents as part of your school work. To accomplish this on your iPad, you’ll need the following apps:

Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.

For more information on these apps, click here.