IT Solution Center

The IT Solution Center is responsible for increasing the efficiency and productivity of the university community by providing a first point of contact for the rapid resolution of IT issues.


  • Are the first point of contact for all faculty, staff, and student support requests
  • Support all university-owned computers in offices, labs, and classrooms
  • Support classroom technologies, such as projectors, document cameras, and clickers
  • Leverage automation tools to rapidly deploy needed changes to desktop workstations
  • Support many departmental servers and applications
  • Own all Service Management processes and procedures
  • Handle all IT related communications to the University
  • Assist students in residence halls getting connected to the network
  • Sell hardware accessories students often need via our walk-up store
  • Provide repair services for student and employee personally-owned computers
  • Are a Dell authorized repair shop
  • Manage student and employee email services
  • Manage student printing services in the residence halls and campus apartments

There are three teams that make up the IT Solution Center, each having its own functional specialties:

  • We:

    • Are open 24/7 with the exception of holidays and holiday related weekends (Walk-Up Support open from 8am to 5pm, Monday - Friday).
    • Receive and resolve support requests via phone, chat, email, and web form
    • Use remote desktop assistance tools to assist customers
    • Forward urgent problems requiring on-site assistance to technicians via radio or cell phones for rapid response
    • Involve other ITS teams and other resources, as appropriate, to resolve the customer inquiries.
    • Look for recurring problems and assist in resolving them
    • Orchestrate the creation and deletion of enterprise computing accounts, as directed by HR
    • Support university owned specialized hardware and software when it is not working
    • Use shuttle vans to deliver technicians to main campus locations for high priority problems
    • When not working on high priority customer problems, work on lower priority non-functioning systems
    • Employ Dell certified technicians to ensure that you receive the most knowledgeable and experienced computer repair


  • Automation & Continuity (AC) establishes base software loads for all computers, participates and communicates desktop and learning space standards, automates computer related software and hardware activities, and researches and promotes innovation of desktop IT support.
  • Audio Visual (A/V) is responsible for all Audio Visual technologies across the University.  Some internal services overlap and are coordinated with other areas on campus such as Media Production, Television & Digital Media Production, Telecommunications, and Physical Plant.  Some effort extends to outside AV Integration Contractors.  

    We handle daily repairs and user orientation, live event solutions and support, system installations and upgrades, solution designs and development, project planning and project management.  Our services are primarily on the main campus however we also travel of off campus sites for these services as necessary.  


    • Perform work order repairs
    • Perform and coordinate classroom/conference room upgrades
    • Install and support digital signage systems
    • Provide event support (Board Meetings, Athletics, Video Conferences)
    • Provide project planning services
    • Provide off campus A/V support 
    • Perform A/V system design and installation
    • Perform project management with Physical Plant and outside contractors
  • Name Title Number Office
    Bartoleme, Ken Computer Technician   UCB-106G
    Beck, Steven  Desktop Support Technician 1 (231) 287-6983 FLT-412H
    Cook-Vanderzand, Jamye Desktop Support Technician 1 (231) 342-5930 UCB- 106
    DelBello, Sharon Second Level Support Coordinator (231) 591-3025 UCB-106E
    Eastling, Arik Computer Technician (231) 591-3690 VFS-326C
    Haneline, Elizabeth Computer Technician   FSU-GR
    Jensen, Tina ITS Service Desk Specialist II (231) 591-4787 UCB-106
    Kipfmiller, Zachary Desktop Support Tech 1 (231) 287-0858 UCB-
    Kludy, Dean Computer Technician (231) 591-4795 FLT-412E
    Kundinger, Brent Computer Technician (231) 591-5612 BUS-114
    Licari, Kendra  IT Service Desk Specialist II (231) 591-4792 UCB 108
    Mishler, Russell Computer Technician (231) 591-2415 SCI-147 
    O'Neal, Leeann Computer Technician (231) 591-3732 UCB-108B
    Rathbun, Chuck Computer Technician (231) 591-4790
    Shanks, Randy Desktop Automation & Integration Specialist, Sr (231) 591-3333 UCB-106K
    Strohkirch, Joseph A/V & Media Systems Engineer  (231) 591-2578 UCB-106J
    Sutherby, Allen Cable TV Technician (231) 591-3596 SCI-147
    Swearingen, Jason A/V & Computer Technician   SCI-147
    Tessin, Kriss Computer Technician (231) 591-3557 UCB-106C
    Thede, Scott Director, IT Solution Center (231) 591-2899 UCB 106F
    Wallace, Nathan First Level Support Coordinator (231) 591-3035 UCB-106A
    Walsh-Zimmerman, Becky Computer Asset Specialist   UCB-106H
    Weaver, Lee Desktop Automation & Integration Specialist, Sr  (231) 591-5616 FLT-412H