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Expanded faculty qualifications guidelines from our regional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission, include the expectation that faculty are qualified for each course that they teach. Most will be qualified according to their degrees, but some may be qualified as a result of their experience or other alternative qualifications. Each course taught by a faculty member beginning with Fall 2017 (the date when the new guidelines are required to be met) will be listed on this screen.

Courses taught will be exported from Banner, so individual faculty members do not need to enter these fields. The applicable qualifications will be selected by designates of the Colleges as those relevant to each course. For college personnel to document the qualifications, the degrees and relevant experiences, if required, must be entered into their respective fields. Note that most of this information comes from the General Information screen and the sections labeled Degrees and Certificates; Graduate/Post-Graduate Training; and Academic, Government, Military, and Professional Positions.

In summary, there is nothing individual faculty will need to enter in the Qualifications section, but the relevant fields must be completed in General Information for that information to be linked to qualifying an individual for his/her role.