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Fields Exported to Web Profiles

In addition to its many other uses, the Faculty Success platform will also drive our website information for faculty and staff. To meet HLC accreditation expectations, minimum qualifications must be available on the website. However, this is a good opportunity to represent our faculty and staff capabilities more completely.

The minimum profile is explained in the Fields Exported section. This automatically generated, and daily updated, website also enables faculty and staff to strengthen their online professional image by featuring information about presentations, research interests, teaching philosophies, and more. Examples are provided in the Sample Profiles link.

The fields listed below are programmed to be exported to individuals' web profiles. Each field with an asterisk (*) is required, and others are optional. In the Faculty Success database, each field that can be exported is identified by a P (for "profile"). Individuals may opt out of having the non-asterisked fields presented on their web profile. The following fields are programmed to be exported from Faculty Success to populate web profiles:

  • *Name as the individual wishes it to appear
  • *Title as the individual wishes it to appear
  • Photo (to be uploaded at the bottom of the Personal and Contact Information page)
  • Office Phone
  • *E-mail (Do not utilize the short form, as advised by IT and related to security precautions)
  • *Education - Degrees earned, college/university where degree was earned, major(s) (Only completed degrees should be listed here)
  • Graduate/Post-Graduate Training
  • Biography - Note the Biography is an excellent place to include information about the emphases of the faculty member. Examples include:
    • Your support for students' career advancement
    • Advising an RSO
    • Areas of academic or professional interest
    • Research in process
    • Career Journey
    • Degrees in progress
    • Courses taught: Those who wish to list the courses taught are encouraged to add this to the end of the Biography in a succinct way, such as: "Courses taught: AUTO 113--Auto Electricity--Electronics; ENGL 211--Industrial and Career Writing"

             The open-ended biography section is a great opportunity to present your professional image in a way that best represents you.

  • Publications and Research - The most recent 10 items will appear unless you have selected some or all to exclude (opt out)
  • Presentations - The most recent 10 items will appear unless you opt out or select some to omit.
  • Tested Experience Summary - Required ONLY for those for whom tested experience is the rational qualifying them for their role - a small minority of the faculty or staff. In most cases, this will be one or two sentences that summarize the experience, which most often would include relevant work experience or special certifications. The balance of the backup for this tested-experience documentation will be in the Faculty Success but not presented on the website. Graduate/Post-graduate training may also be important here.

Profiles are updated daily, so information entered on a given day should appear within 24 hours without the need for extra steps to update the information.

If the fields mentioned above are not populated, then the category will not appear on the web profile. In addition, individuals may "opt out" of having any items except those with asterisks displayed. Guidance for omitting some items follows.