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Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes a member (faculty or staff) of the Academic Affairs division who contributes positively to the community through service activities.  Service activities may be demonstrated though several ways, including but not limited to service to departmental/college/unit/university committees, service to professional organizations, mentoring colleagues, and students, and contributing to activities that further the well-being of Ferris State University. Recipients will receive a monetary award of $1500.  

Criteria for Evaluation

Nominees will be evaluated based on the significance of their contributions in these areas:    

1.  Service to department, college, unit, and/or university committees   

2.  Service to professional organizations   

3.  Mentoring colleagues and students   

4.  Contributing to activities that further the well-being of Ferris State University   


All employees (faculty or staff) of the division of Academic Affairs are eligible for this award.  Past recipients of the award are eligible only upon the expiration of the fifth year after their award.  

Nomination Process 

All nominations must be submitted electronically via Academic Awards Nomination Form. No email nominations will be accepted this year.  

 The Secretary of the Academic Senate will follow up with nominees, providing them with a copy of the Distinguished Service Award, and requesting of them the following:  

1.   A minimum of a one-page paper, not to exceed three pages, describing your service philosophy and accomplishments you deem noteworthy (required).

2.   Current vita or resume (required).

3.  List (1-5 pages) of your services & service awards; dated by academic year; categorized by department, college, university, community, and national or international organizations; clearly identifying compensated and non-compensated activities in terms of payment and/or time release; specifying the importance of the service and/or award (required). 

4.  Up to three additional letters of recognition, support, or recommendation from students, faculty, administrators, or organizations pertaining to your service accomplishments, as appropriate, will be accepted but they are not required (optional).


The deadline to submit the Academic Awards Nomination Form is  by 5 pm, Monday, January 29, 2024. No late nominations will be accepted. No emailed nominations will be accepted either.