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Academic Scholar Award

This award recognizes a member of the academic community who has demonstrated excellence in research, inquiry and/or scholarship. Ferris State University embraces a broad definition of scholarship that includes emphasis on discovery, integration, application, and/or teaching. Recipients will receive a plaque and monetary award of $1500. 

Criteria for Evaluation

Nominees will be evaluated based on the significance of their contributions in these areas:  

  1. Discovery: Building new knowledge through traditional research (i.e., publishing in peer-reviewed forums; producing/performing creative work within established field; creating infrastructure for future studies) 
  2. Integration: Interpret the use of knowledge across disciplines (i.e., preparing a comprehensive literature review; writing a textbook for use in multiple disciplines; collaborating with colleagues to design/deliver a course) 
  3. Application: Aid society and professions in addressing problems (i.e., serving industry or government as an external consultant; assuming leadership roles in professional organizations; advising student leaders thereby fostering their professional growth) 
  4. Teaching: Study teaching models and practices to achieve optimal learning (i.e., advancing learning theory through classroom research; developing and testing instructional materials; mentoring graduate students; designing and implementing a program-level assessment system)  


 All tenured/tenure track faculty members and adjunct faculty members are eligible for this award. Any member of the Academic Scholar Award Selection Committee who is nominated for the award will remove themselves from the committee for the year in which they are nominated. Past recipients of this award are eligible only upon the expiration of the fifth year after their award. 

Nomination Process

All nominations must be submitted electronically via Academic Awards Nomiation Form.  No email nominations will be accepted this year.   

 The Secretary of the Academic Senate will follow up with nominees, providing them with a copy of the Academic Scholar Award, and requesting of them the following:   

1.  A minimum of a one-page paper, not to exceed three pages, describing your scholarship philosophy, methods, challenges and any accomplishments you deem noteworthy (required)  

2. Current vita or resume, with a clearly marked section for scholarly activities and awards dated by academic year. (Please offer explanation for activities as appropriate; may be submitted as a separate attachment from CV/resume) (required). 

3. Up to three additional letters of recommendation or support from students, colleagues, or professional organizations, as appropriate, will be accepted but they are not required (optional).


The deadline to submit nominations via the Academic Awards Nomination Form is by 5 pm, Monday, January 29, 2024.  No late nominations will be accepted.  Emailed nominations will also not be accepted.