Faculty/Staff Mini Grant Awardees

Awarded Faculty and Staff Grants

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    Recipient Year Awarded
    Jacob Pollak  2020

    The project aims to foster cultural awareness of Anishinabe Native American history and traditions at Ferris State University and in West Michigan through our partnership with Grand Rapids Public Museum

    (GRPM). The project includes building a prototype virtual experience of an Anishinabe village. The project will build on relations that we have in place with GRPM in which the target exhibits will be installed and shown. This expands the reach for Native American history as it exposes it to GRPM visitors (350,000 visitors last year according to the GRPM 2018 report). It also encourages the migration of ideas from, and encourages respect for, the Anishinabe culture.

    The project builds upon solid experience and knowledge from previous projects in Virtual Reality in which we at the School of Digital Media (SDM) designed engaging experiences based on historical artifacts as taken from the GRPM archives.

    The project will take end users on a virtual trip in time to visit a Anishinabe village. The project would include the design and implementation of such experience. As a virtual based product, this is not limited to a certain location, or institution. It can be installed at Ferris, and used various times at any relevant event.

     $4,990.28  Final Report
    Margaret Vega 2020

    SiteStudio Children Designing for Children is a mobile arts curriculum teaching design and creative thinking within the context and culture of the neighborhoods where students live. For six years, the program has benefitted school age children at Cesar Chavez Elementary and Southwest Community Campus K-8 (SWCC) schools in Grand Rapids, and has enriched the experience and portfolios of KCAD college students serving as design mentors. SWCC middle school children in small groups, each with a KCAD mentor, attend classes directed by a guest designer for 8 weeks. They learn about the design process, client criteria, and ultimately design and present a concept to a real client. For the first time in Spring of 2020, that client will be Grand Rapids Public Schools – SWCC itself, where eighth grade students will design an Outdoor Play Learn Space that reflects the community and the children who play here. GRPS has already secured funding to construct the final playground design. In addition to the mentorship and community connections gained by KCAD students, the Principal of SWCC reports that children who have been involved in this program have exhibited more confidence than their peers. Several have become interested in previously unexplored design or engineering fields.

    $5,000 Final Report
     At-Promise Early Move In Kaylee Burke  2020

    The At-Promise Early Move-in Pilot Program, is a summer initiative, designed to increase the persistence and retention of all eligible students. For this project, eligible students consist of those identified as “at-promise” which includes academically and economically disadvantaged students, as well as those historically underrepresented in institutions of higher education. The program seeks to increase students’ academic self-efficacy, sense of community and mattering, and social integration within the university prior to the first day of classes. These theoretical concepts based in positive psychology, student development theory, and critical race theory are well documented in the literature as conceptual frameworks for increasing academic attainment and reducing attrition among at-promise students. Outreach will be conducted to invite students to participate based on “at-promise” status. The program will be piloted with 200 incoming first year students. This pilot project is a collaboration between various offices on campus (Center for [email protected] Studies, TIP Scholars, LEAD by Design, Office of Multicultural Student Services, and FSU Housing) that serve at-promise students and will expand the extended orientation program for TIP Scholars (Summer 2017-2019).

     $2,000  Final Report

    Disability Awareness Month 2019

    Maggie Walcott 2019

    A schedule of five events will be offered on the Ferris State University campus this October for Disability Awareness Month, with the goal of fostering discussion around and mindfulness of our community of students, staff and faculty with disabilities.  With nearly 1 in 5 people identifying as having a disability, it is more important than ever to break the stereotypes and overcome preconceptions regarding what disability looks like. This year’s events are designed specifically to challenge perceptions while simultaneously creating safe spaces for persons with disabilities to engage in “real talk” and community building. All events, with the exception of the 5K race, are free of charge for participants and the public is strongly encouraged (through team member networking efforts) to attend.

    $4,500 Final Report

    Women of Color Collaborative Luncheon: Creating Networking Pathways that Support Women’s Professional Development

    Karen Simmon  2019

    The Ferris Women’s Network’s [FWN] vision is to have a diverse group of women dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of women. We operationalize our vision by providing networking, mentoring, career and personal development, and the recognition of women’s achievements. The Women of Color Collaborative [WOCC], a sub-group of the ACE Women’s Network is a group that supports networking, women’s empowerment through professional development and recognition of women’s achievement. These two group align in significant ways as we both pursue some of the same outcomes, but differ in that the WOCC brings together a vastly diverse (ethnic, cultural, economic, career focus) group of higher education women to accomplish its goals. The WOCC Luncheon is one way its goals are attained as women in higher education gather to network, learn and celebrate the accomplishments of women. The exposure to networking among the diversity represented at the WOCC Luncheon is an asset to FWN members as well as to the greater Ferris community. Members of the FWN should be allowed to expand their circle of mentorship and networking opportunities, while creating pathways through those experiences to grow in cultural competence.

     $1,250.00  Final Report

    Developing Cultural Competency for Health Care Professional Students through American Sign Language Training

    David Bright 2019

    Currently, training programs for students in different health professions rarely involves a significant dedication to cultural competence related to treating patients with different disabilities. Deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) patients lack the ability to hear well, which can drastically limit communication with health care professionals. Furthermore, health care professionals may be very unfamiliar with Deaf culture, which may even further limit good communication, and can lead to adverse health outcomes. The Ferris State University College of Pharmacy piloted a co-curricular American Sign Language training in the Spring of 2019 in collaboration with Grand Rapids Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (D&HHS). The program was well attended with nearly 40 students in attendance, and a pre-post assessment of the training showed very encouraging results. Specifically, students felt greater confidence in working with Deaf/HOH patients and/or translators. Upon sharing these successes with colleagues across campus, shared interest emerged in holding an interprofessional co-curricular training focused on pharmacy and optometry students. Our goal is that students not only learn how to better support Deaf/HOH patients, but that students would also learn about how each profession uniquely serves their patients of different cultures and needs. Course fees are approximately $87 per student, and we are asking for support of $40 per student to defray/split the cost with interested students ($2000 total for 50 students). We believe that this program will not only help the immediate students involved, but it will also help to guide future co-curricular and interprofessional development opportunities for Ferris students. Furthermore, discussion of an elective course for health professions students has also begun with this course as a foundation point, so pursuing an interprofessional training this year may also help with innovative course development work that could serve multiple degree programs and colleges.

     $2,000.00  Final Report
    Kristin Conley  2019

    Studying Abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. However, this experience is often something first generation General Studies and TIP Scholar students don’t experience because 1) they don’t realize it is an option and/or 2) they don’t realize that there are scholarships and supports in place to assist them in making this opportunity available to them. The Expanding Horizons: Helping First Generation Students Study Abroad project is a highly visual messaging campaign aimed at raising awareness of the study abroad opportunities available to first generation college students- specifically General Studies and TIP Scholar students. Its aim is to educate students about the process and experience of studying abroad; support them as they complete required applications, and, once the program is completed, gather a list of best practices to better support future first generation General Studies and TIP Scholar students participate in this experience, which will ultimately lead to increased GPA’s and graduation rates for this population (Malmgren & Galvin, 2008).

     $4,980.00  Final Report
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    Recipient Year Awarded

    Web Content for Everyone Symposium: Usability, Accessibility, and Writing for the Web

    Kristy Motz 2019
    The Web Content for Everyone Symposium is an impactful day-long event designed to educate and inform Ferris State University faculty and staff about accessibility considerations and inclusive practices when creating online textual and video content. The keynote will be presented by Rebecca Blakiston, a nationally known speaker on universal design, followed by breakout workshops presented by Ferris State employees with diverse web accessibility expertise. The day will end with a wrap-up panel. Participants will come away from the symposium with an understanding of why inclusive and universal design is important and with increased awareness of resources available at Ferris State University to assist in online design and content creation. $1,225.00 Final Report
    Using a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate to Create Opportunities for Staff, Faculty, and General Education Victor Piercey 2019

    The 2016-2021 Ferris Diversity and Inclusion Plan includes promoting professional development for staff and faculty in order to create a more inclusive atmosphere on campus.  We propose to create a staff training program and a retreat for faculty involved in general education, each of which will be informed by and modeled on Cornell University’s online Diversity and Inclusion Certificate program.  Upon the conclusion of the project, we will prepare a detailed set of recommendations for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion intended to lead to the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate program at Ferris, one of the specific goals set forth in the Diversity Plan.

    $5,000.00 Final Report
    Museum of Sexist Objects (MoSO) Traveling Exhibit Tracy Busch 2019

    The Museum of Sexist Objects (MoSO) has received numerous requests to create a traveling exhibition to share its empowering messsage with broader audiences. Through the support of the Faculty/Staff Diversity Mini-grant, the MoSO team will be able to create fifteen to twenty hang-ready displays including educational didactics that can travel to regional and national spaces with the intention of meeting the growing rwequests from museums, galleries, and other universities wanting to share the MoSO an its powerful message. 

    $3,400.00 Final Report
    Jason Bentley  2019

    Amped Access (A2): A Project to Increase Multimodal Learning Opportunities will make available the Kurzweil Assistive Learning Technology, an online platform enabling the conversion of text to digitized audio files. All students will enjoy the opportunity to consume textbooks, open access materials, PDF and MSWord documents as audio recordings supporting multimodal and auditory learning.

    $5,000.00 Final Report
    Megan Bylsma  2019

    The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts will institute a six-month community outreach, staff training, and promotion and advertising program to increase community awareness and use of the Museums for All reduced-admission visitor program. In 2017, UICA partnered with Museums for All, a signature access program of the Association of Children’s Museums and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to encourage families of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and build lifelong museum habits. UICA charges reduced admission ($1 vs. $5 regular admission) to visitors who have an Electronic Benefits (EBT) card. UICA was the first art museum in West Michigan to join this program. Museums for All is a way to broaden a museum’s visitor base and engage and serve previously underserved communities.

     $3,500.00 Final Report
    LGBTQ+ Resource Center Resource Library Sarah Doherty 2019
    Investing in materials for an LGBTQ+ Resource Center resource library will be invaluable for the Ferris State University and greater Big Rapids community. Investing a significant amount of funding into the library at once a year after the founding of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center ensures that the Resource Center can acquire an immediately wide variety of resources that serve: LGBTQ people of color, working class LGBTQ people, people of diverse religious communities and traditions wrestling with gender and sexuality issues, people who are questioning gender and sexuality, people whose children or grandchildren are questioning gender and sexuality, Disabled LGBTQ people, rural LGBTQ people, LGBTQ parents and children of LGBTQ parents, and children and youth growing up in contexts that would otherwise be lacking in representation of gender and sexuality diversity, and more. $5,000.00 Final Report
    Understanding and Respecting Different Faiths Mike Mendenhall  2019

    Our project, titled “Understanding and Respecting Different Faiths,” has the goal of bringing awareness about Islam and the Muslim people to students who attend. Many of our graduates will go on to serve in many diverse communities so it is important that we as a University provide opportunities for students to gain a better understanding. Students who attend this event will have the opportunity to visit 2 mosques in Grand Rapids, MI and learn about the Islam faith.

     $1,769.40  Final Report
    Kaylee Moreno 2018

    In conjunction with the Bulldog Friends and Family committee, CLS will collaborate with students, parents, and their respective support systems to implement the Bulldog Asada. CLS will also work with the Ferris Alumni office in coordinating outreach to Alum from the past decade, to reopen or establish communication with this group. The event will begin with a welcoming and informative introduction by CLS, followed by the distribution of a meal that will take place in congruence with the presentation of the Latino Literary Walk Exhibition. The event will finish up with an opportunity for Ferris Faculty, Students, and Alumni to network. This final portion will also provide time for student families to build a strong sense of cultural congruency necessary for them to not only fully appreciate, but procure a sense of Ferris Pride.

     $2,424.00  Final Report
    Brent Williams 2018

    The focus of this project is to host a 1-day Women Who Weld workshop for 15-20 community participants that will provide introductory training and information about career opportunities in the industry. The workshop will be taught by founder Samantha Farr and is open to all individuals who identify as a woman. Lab activities will be supported by Ferris State University faculty and students from the AWS Student Chapter and Women in Technology organizations. Workshop participants will receive basic GMAW (MIG) training and receive information on career pathways that include welding, fabrication, technology and engineering. The immediate goal of the workshop is to inspire and encourage more women to consider careers in welding and other technology fields. Samantha Farr, founder and instructor of Women Who Weld, will also be a featured speaker at an AWS-sponsored info session the evening prior to the workshop – where everyone is invited to learn more about the program.

     $2,370.00 Final Report
    Jodi Gardei 2018

    The purpose of this project is to increase inclusivity across campus through working to ensure full accessibility by all populations of digital and web-hosted Ferris documents. Employees will be trained to configure digital media in accessible formats using current strategies featured in the annual Accessing Higher Ground conference scheduled for November 12-16, 2018. To accomplish this, a modified Train-the-Trainer model will be used where Jody Gardei will attend this life-changing conference to increase her expertise in the configuring inclusive digital media. After the conference, Jody will incorporate her learning into her currently scheduled accessibility training. Additionally, Jody will collaborate with the eLearning team and Marie Yowtz to create learning materials supporting faculty course developers who need meet new online course quality standards addressing digital accessibility for diverse students. This collaboration following Jody’s conference attendance will better equip eLearning and the Accessibility Coordinator to provide future comprehensive training options for Ferris employees how to make their digital materials accessible and inclusive to the diverse populations in our Ferris Community.

     $1,700.00  Final Report
    Arrick Jackson 2018

    Human Services Professionals and those aspiring to go into these fields (Education, Criminal Justice, and Digital Media) should embody a culturally competent paradigm as they teach students, serve communities, and seek to give visibility and voice to clients desires through media. The College of Education and Human Services seeks to assess and develop cultural competence among its faculty/staff and students by utilizing the CQ Intelligence Test followed-by opportunities of education and learning. It is imperative that human service professionals prepare men and women in these fields that are apt in knowledge and strategy of how to communicate and interact in the diverse communities they will participate in and serve; therefore, education in cultural competency is equally important to faculty and students.

     $5,000.00 Final Report
    Elizabeth Burbatt 2018

    Through the 2018 First Generation College Student Celebration: Focus on First Gen! R&SS will collaborate with faculty and staff across main campus to lay the groundwork for celebrating and serving first-gen students with intentionality. We will connect a network of campus faculty, staff and students through participation in the 2nd annual nation-wide First Generation College Student Celebration, establish an interdisciplinary workgroup to broaden support for First Generation College Students among faculty and staff, and produce a highly visible messaging campaign intentionally designed to celebrate First Generation College Students and help build a supportive campus-wide community that promotes a sense of belonging for First Generation College Students at Ferris.

     $2,800.00 Final Report
    At-Promise Retention Study Andrea Kitomary  2018
    The At-Promise Retention Pilot Project is an effort to decrease attrition at Ferris State University among academically, economically and/or historically underrepresented students. This research pilot project is a collaboration between various offices on campus that serve at-promise students. Students with high attrition indicators are often deemed at-risk; but, we have renamed them at-promise because if we can retain them at Ferris their potential can be unlocked and developed. This project study seeks to measure over an academic year students’ academic self-efficacy, sense of community and mattering, and social integration at the university. These theoretical concepts based in positive psychology and student development theory are well documented in the literature as conceptual frameworks for reducing attrition among at-promise students. Additionally, the project will assess if targeted interventions significantly increase students’ perceptions of the theoretical constructs, increase persistence from fall-to-fall, and provide best practices intervention strategies for the targeted populations.  $2,000.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title

    Recipient Year Awarded
     Mari Kermit-Canfield  2018
    The Project I-Dentify (Project ID) is an interactive art installation consisting of a large corkboard panel hung prominently and permanently in FLITE. The panel will be studded with 120 or more randomly placed push-pins, each bearing a tag labeled with a diversity descriptor (e.g. Asian, born in MI, likes men, Republican). For 1 month "Project ID" will be accompanied by a bag of many yarn balls in a variety of colors. All Ferris students, faculty, and staff who visit FLITE will be encouraged to spend time with Project ID and pick a ball of yarn to wind around the diversity descriptors that they feel best match their own personas. At the end of the month Project ID will have developed into a beautiful multi-colored web of yarn that represents both the diversity found here at Ferris and the many ways we are alike. An accompanying display case will highlight the concepts of infographics demonstrating how information can be represented visually using Project ID as a prominent example.  $1,000 Final Report
    Bethany Brown  2018
    In order to help support the mission of the College of the Health Professions (CHP) which is “to train and educate future healthcare professional leaders through inter-professional collaboration, practice and academic excellence” and the values of the college that state “we recognize the importance of scholarly activities and professional service in terms of developing an active intellectual environment with collaboration, diversity, professional ethics, excellence, learning and opportunity” (Ferris, 2018), Best Practices Day was developed in order to bring in outside speakers to further educate faculty and staff on the ever changing healthcare environment. The College of Health Professions Diversity and Inclusion Committee decided to focus on sexual health diversity including gender, gender identity, gender pronouns, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, and pansexual (LGBTQIAP) population, sexual orientation and sexual practices for the Best Practices Day.    $1,528.60   Final Report
    Karyn Kiio 2017

    On April 10th and 11th, 2018, the Ferris State University Coalition Against Slavery will be holding an Interprofessional Conference on Human Trafficking Awareness. Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Students, faculty, staff and community members will be collaborating in an effort to educate attendees regarding the many facets of human trafficking, cyber security, and prevention measures. Specific attention will be given to the challenges in combatting trafficking not only on the global and national scale, but also those currently faced in our local communities. Continuing education units and certificates for professionals will be available for social work, nursing, pharmacy, criminal justice, hospitality and other professions as applicable.

    $5,000.00 Final Report
    Safe Zone Train-the-Trainer Program Mischelle Stone 2017

    For the past fifteen years, Safe Zone pr(SZ) ogramming at FSU has been virtually non-existent. The programming that has been provided has largely been a result of the efforts of those working in Housing; however, that programming has relied on outdated materials, and there has been no systematic effort to train any of the SZ facilitators providing the training. Discussion by members of the Association of Ferris Employees (AFE) to resurrect and update the program have been stalled since 2010,, due in part to a lack of a current structure or mission for the group. A collaboration between the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, the Staff Center for Training & Development, the Office of Student Life, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Social Work seeks to bring experienced Safe Zone facilitators to campus to provide expert training for interested applicants to rebuild and expand our Safe Zone network at Ferris State University. As the Safe Zone T-T-T training will be tailored specifically to address the FSU population(s), applicants who successfully complete the T-T-T program will be able to facilitate Safe Zone workshops for students, faculty and staff across FSU’s many campuses. This model ensures that the FSU Safe Zone workshops offered by the trained FSU facilitators can be sustained in the future, and will help to amplify and synergize support for our LGBT students.

     $5,000.00  Final Report
    Diversidad! 2017 [email protected] Heritage Celebration Michael Wade  2017
    The Hispanic community is the most rapidly growing population in the United States. At Ferris State University, students that self-identify as Hispanic make up close to 5% of our on-campus population. As much as we can, our committee feels that FSU should prepare members of our campus community with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to engage with the Hispanic/[email protected] community. The 2017 “Diversidad!” [email protected] Heritage celebration series will provide members of our campus community the exposure to the diversity within the [email protected] culture, prevalent issues within the culture, as well as provide a variety of opportunities for our diverse community to engage.  $5,000.00  Final Report
    Celebrating the Harvest Ferris 2017 Fran Rosen 2017

    The Celebrating the Harvest event will bring together harvest traditions of ancient cultures as they are practiced in the modern world. It will provide an opportunity for students to learn about the common experience of different cultures. It will include both celebration and serious discussion of the future. It will combine modern conveniences with traditional activities in order to present a living picture of the continuing story of human struggle and ingenuity. The full moon in late September/early October is connected to many harvest festivals. In 2017, October 4 is both the first evening of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot and the day of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, with the Native American festival known as Hunter’s Moon arriving on October 5. This event will be held on the Big Rapids campus. In addition, the event will be popularized and promoted broadly in order to communicate to prospective students and families that Ferris State, and the Big Rapids campus in particular, welcomes students from many different cultural and religious backgrounds, and works hard to create an active and inclusive community.

    $3400.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Attendance and Participation in the International Association for Communication and Sport (IACS) 2017 Summit Dr. Sandra Alspach 2016

    Sport is one of the common languages that “transcends boundaries” such as nation, gender, race, and class. Traveling to the International Association for Communication and Sport 2017 Summit in Phoenix affords students the “opportunity to create new partnerships enhancing the university’s commitment to and work with diverse populations.” This opportunity also allows the team to present the paper titled, “The Digital Stadium: Social Media and the Influence of Fandom on Athlete Performance.” Ferris faculty and students collaborated on this project with the hopes of presenting their work at the summit, achieving excellence in their literary canon.

    Students have the opportunity to be exposed to “research and critical analysis from diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives,” as researchers from around the world attend and present at this conference. Our plan is to share our knowledge gained from this International Summit with the Ferris community to further the diversity goals of the university. Experiences gained and shared can assist with Ferris State University’s recruitment and retention efforts.

    $3,801.00 Final Report
    Social Justice in STEM Anil Venkatesh 2016
    The purpose of this project is to highlight issues of social justice in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and to stimulate a conversation in the Ferris community on supporting and furthering diversity and inclusion in these disciplines. Taking place one week before Ferris hosts the Equity Within the Classroom conference, this project will bring mathematician and social justice advocate Dave Kung to campus. Dr. Kung will present a data-driven analysis of exclusion and discrimination in STEM fields, followed by a discussion of specific pedagogies that are demonstrably more equitable than the traditional lecture format. Attendees who are new to the topic of social justice in STEM will learn about the factors that lead to marginalization of women and under-represented minorities in these fields. Those who are already familiar with these issues will be engaged by the discussion of the social justice ramifications of teaching methods. In sum, Dr. Kung’s visit will serve both to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion shortcomings in STEM, and to stimulate a discussion of equity in STEM pedagogy at Ferris. $1,000.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Using StrengthsQuest(College of Business) Sharon George and Paul Kwant 2016

    The purpose of this project is to help students understand themselves and others so they can thrive academically and relationally. Students will take the StrengthsQuest assessment and receive their top 5 five naturally recurring talent themes or “Strengths”. FSUS instructors will review the Strengths resources with the students to help them understand how to apply their natural talents toward relationships and academics to succeed in college.

    Instructors will help students understand their Strengths. Students who understand themselves can be more strategic in their own success (e.g. a student with the “Focus” strength may feel depressed or stressed when college life gets chaotic, but can use the “Arranger” strength to get organized and back on track).

    Instructors will help students leverage their Strengths to do well in college. A student who lacks Strengths in the “Executing” category may use Strengths in the Strategic Thinking, Influencing, and Relationship categories to organize a study group, thus forcing oneself to study.

    When students understand individuals are different, they learn to respect their distinctiveness and find creative ways to work together toward a common goal. Strengths allow students to see diversity, not as black/white or male/female, but as individual human beings who have their own talents that make them unique.

    $2,700.00 Final Report
    US IS THEM/ Here + Now Miranda Krajniak 2016
    UICA, working with Juan Roselione-Valdez, Director of the Rubell Family Collection Museum, will bring a new version of the exhibition 30 Americans to Grand Rapids, MI from January - May 2017. This exhibition will feature one work by each of 31 artists, and will be exhibited as its own complete show. In conjunction, UICA will curate and present Here + Now, to include a collection of Nakeya Brown's work that will become a traveling exhibition, complete with a catalog and documentation. Exhibitions of works by six additional emerging and mid-career African American artists will be presented simultaneously, to include spoken word, visual, and performance art. The exhibition will be accompanied by an accessible digital catalog, community programming, and events that are being developed with the assistance of and input from a committee of African American artists and community leaders from the Michigan region. These exhibitions and programs will comprise a full building (28,000 sq ft) takeover of UICA. $5,000.00 Final Report
    Initiating Dialogue on Gender-Themed Issues at Ferris State University Leah Monger 2016

    Ferris students, faculty, and staff have many opportunities to broaden their cultural horizons through existing diversity and inclusion programs and/or curricular activities. A vast majority of these opportunities center on cultural exposure or immersion, which then can lead to deeper learning experiences in areas that have yet to be explored. One such area could focus more on issues related to gender equity. Campus members can experience various aspects of diversity and inclusion to heighten their own awareness and sense of understanding across gendered differences as these differences intersect other forms of identity. As far as gender is concerned, however, opportunities to learn more about it within social and cultural contexts are limited.

    To further promote intercultural competence that fosters deeper interaction and meaningful engagement, this project’s purpose is to initiate dialogue on gender-themed topics, gauge interest in activities related to women and gender within the Ferris community, and serve as a catalyst for future programs and initiatives. This learning opportunity will provide a practical approach to understanding the influence of gender differences in social interactions and holistic practices that could mitigate potentially harmful situations.

    $915.00 Final Report
    Embracing Diversity in the Workplace: Best Practices from Employees Who Know Catherine S. Browers 2015

    The grant will provide funds to bring corporate executives to share diversity and inclusion practices and expectations in the workplaces the executives oversee. The format will be a 90-minute event initiated by introductions of attending executives, a discussion of diversity and inclusion practices by each represented corporation, and finally a question and answer forum with attendees. The event will be held in the evening in order to draw the widest population of participation.

    $5,000.00 Final Report
    Native Now: Fall 2015 Native Heritage Celebrations Michael Wade 2015
    The need for this project stems from the recognition in the FSU Diversity Plan that this university struggles to be the safe and welcoming campus it seeks to be for select groups of students, faculty, and staff. Native Americans, Jews, students with a first language other than English, and those who practice a religion or spirituality other than Christianity often struggle to feel like Ferris is a place for them to celebrate all who they are. Among the student body, Native American and other tribal students tend to not be involved in RSOs like Circle of Tribal Nations, or tend to suppress their tribal ties and identity. We hope to counter those perceptions among students, build confidence and a sense of belonging for these students, while educating the broader campus and local communities about modern struggles and successes through this celebration series. The majority of the funding for this project will come from the Student Activity Fund if approved, however we are requesting these matching funds to support the four distinct activities described below. $4,674.00 Final Report
    The Three Deadliest Words in the World.....It’s a Girl Teresa Bailey 2015
    Gendercide is a global concern, occurring in numerous countries throughout the world and resulting in an estimated 200 million missing females (as cited by Davis in “It’s A Girl” Discussion & Action Guide). The ramifications of this epidemic are dangerous, and giving rise to female kidnappings and sex-trafficking (Hvistendahl, 2011). Experts also assert that trade may ultimately be impacted as marriage rates decline leading to decreased consumption (Hvistendahl, 2011; Krisof & WuDunn, 2010). Despite these numbers and associated concerns, there is little awareness of gendercide in the United States, or the concomitant cultural mores that have become ingrained as a result of long standing laws and policies in these countries. Education is crucial to ensure awareness, which can lead to progress as has been evidenced through grassroots efforts (Gendercide Awareness Project, n.d.; Kristof & WuDunn, 2010). Bringing this documentary to FSU will further understanding by students of the prevalence of gendercide, but will also promote understanding of those impacted by these cultural mores. Ferris State University (2010) defines diversity as “the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs”. This project will address the major human difference of gender, and just as importantly will promote a deeper understanding of how such cultural mores become established. $2,350.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Digital Animation and Game Design (DAGD) Peer Mentor Program Jocelyn Goheen 2014
    A Peer Mentor Program has been identified by the Digital Animation and Game Design (DAGD) administration, faculty and students as a possible support program needed for incoming first- year, new transfer or struggling student in the DAGD program at the Grand Rapids campus. The DAGD program is one of the few freshman programs offered off campus, and with not being offered at a traditional main campus, there can be many challenges academically and socially for incoming students into the program. The DAGD Peer Mentor Program will consists of sophomore, junior and senior student volunteers who can serve as positive role models to help with the academic success of first-year, transfer or struggling DAGD students. Through the DAGD Peer Mentor Program, experienced upperclassman students can assist students in becoming academically and socially acclimated to the Ferris Grand Rapids campus and the DAGD program. The Peer Mentor Program will offer various activities, workshops, and various learning opportunities to help assist with the overall mentoring process and experience. $2,400.00 Final Report
    Remembering the Holocaust Charles Vannette 2015
    "Remembering the Holocaust" is a three day Holocaust awareness event scheduled for March 23-25, 2015. It is designed to raise awareness of, pay tribute to, and to educate the campus and the Big Rapids community on the Nazi genocide of European Jews. The event begins on the evening of the 23rd with a Holocaust film screening open to all students. the 24th will include academic lectures by D.r barry Mehler of Humanities and Dr. Pasquale Di Raddo of Physical Sciences. Wednesday the 25th will be an all-day-event in the University Center and includes informational posters designed by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, biographical banners designed by a Ferris State student, apublic reading of the names by Ferris students, and projected images of Holocaust survivor Mr. Martin Lowenberg. Mr. Lowenberg will also be speaking at Big Rapids High School on the following day. $1,309.00 Final Report
    Russian-American Faculty Experience Lilia Caserta 2015

    In October 2014 a group of faculty members including: David Frank, Daniel Adsmond, and Lilia Caserta were invited to participate in international science conference in Kazan, Russia by Kazan National Research Technological University. As a result of various presentations and meetings we established friendly communication among Kazan National Research Technological University and Ferris State University. Three chemistry faculty members from Russia expressed their desire to visit Ferris State University to learn about American higher educational system and modern methods of teaching science courses. They will be participating in various question and answer sessions and the spring international festival. Also, they will be presenting topics on Russian higher educational system and modern Russian student population. Russian faculty members will visit classrooms within the College of Arts and Science. They will interact with Ferris faculty, administration, and students to teach and learn about mutual goals and future projects.

    During the spring semester of 2015, we would like to make concrete connections between the two universities with practical plans of future joining projects, publications, and conferences. As a long term goal we see this project as developing a successful faculty and student exchange program.

    $4,954.00 Final Report
    Indian Student Exchange and Campus Integration Greg Gogolin 2015

    The Indian student population, which is 1% of the main campus student population, is the fastest growing minority population in the FSU system. The Indian population is underserved in a number of ways including no specific program or funding support.

    These students provide the opportunity for a cultural exchange to the campus community that for many campus members may be their first exposure to Indian culture. Because the local culture is dramatically different from Indian culture, and the FSU community is one that is not likely able to travel to India, we are in a unique position to provide a cultural exchange. Without a retention initiative that includes acclimating Indian students to the local area and an effort of the local community to understand and appreciate Indian culture, it will be difficult to retain and grow the Indian student population at FSU.

    $4,624.00 Final Report

    Final Budget
    College of Health Professions Best Practices Day 2015 Sheila MacEachron 2015
    Health Disparities is the topic for the College of Health Professions' (CHP) Best Practives Day 2015. The entire FSU community will be invited to attend this informative seminar. The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Monica Lypson from the University of Michigan Medical Center. her interactive presentation is titled "Health Disparities Education in the Academy". The focus will be on how educators can teach students abut health disparities and diversity. The CHP Diversity & Inclusion Committee is organizing the seminar. The participants will also hear about ongoing research in vulnerable populations and have an opportunity to interact with a panel of experts in the area of health disparities. $1,817.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Bridging Cultures and Faiths Adnan Dakkuri 2014
    The event will consist of approximately 100 American Ferris students recruited from religion, communication, philosophy, marketing, and international business summer and fall classes. They will travel to Grand Rapids to observe Friday prayers at the Islamic Mosque and Religious Institute (At-Tawheed Mosque). Following the prayers, students will experience Middle Eastern cuisine at the mosque. During the meal, professional members of the Muslim community will facilitate open discussion about Islam. Students will also have the opportunity to visit a Bosnian mosque, ICC Behar, which is next door to the At-Tawheed mosque. They would then appreciate the differences that occur between different types of mosques and the nuances in the cultures that use them. $2,250.00 Final Report
    Mother/Daughter Technology Engineering Aptitude (TEA) Leigha Compson 2014
    Although graduates in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are in high demand, women continue to be underrepresented in these career choices. The College of Engineering Technology (CET) in collaboration with Academic Affairs, Admissions, and K-12 partners will host Ms. Celeste Baine, biomedical engineer and author of over twenty books to facilitate a other/Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) event for forty female high school students and their female guardians for a total of eighty participants. This full day event will expose young women to opportunities in STEM fields through hands-on lab activities and instruction from role models in the field. Current female students in CET will participate in the learning opportunity as well to serve as role models for the younger students. Participants also will attend a special seminar about opportunities for women in STEM and related CET programs, experience the Ferris State University campus, and engage in a presentation about the college preparation process. $5,000.00 Final Report
    Mobile Assistive Technology Program Julie Rudolph 2014
    The Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services Department will expand and enhance the Department's Assistive Technology to further address the needs of students with disabilities enrolled at Ferris State University. The intent is to enhance a mobile, accessible library of hardware, software, and adaptive devices that will be used by students. A goal is to contribute substantially to ensure that diversity, in its many forms, is understood, respected and valued. This additional technology will assist students with mild to moderate disabilities by increasing utilization of assistive technology (AT) and provide equal access to information. AT can assist people with disabilities in accessing computers or other information technologies and function more independently. Accessible instructional software (on disks, CDs or other media) and documentation allow students with disabilities to participate side-by-side with their peers in computer labs and classrooms as they complete assignments; collaborate with peers; create and view presentations, documents, spreadsheets; and actively participate in simulations and all other academic activities. One on one training will be done with the students who check out this equipment and an interview will be conducted at the end of the semester to assess the success of this program. $3,379.95 Final Report
    The 15th Annual White Privilege Conference Shelia MacEachron 2014

    Held in Madison, Wisconsin, The White Privilege Conference is not "designed to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks". It is a conference that challenges participants to examine concepts surrounding privilege and oppression. Solutions and team building strategies that work toward a more equitable world are emphasized. Race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, etc are examined.

    More than 1500 attend this conference annually. participants include high school and college students, teachers, university faculty, higher education professionals, spiritual community members, and members of the corporate arena. More than 35 states are usually represented as well as Australia, Bermuda, Canada and Germany.

    It is the desire for the College of Health Professions' Diversity Committee to have three members and three student members attend this conference.

    The conference attendees will be expected to share their conference experiences with the other members of the committee during their April 2014 meeting. The dean will be invited to this meeting as well. It is also expected that the attendees will develop a presentation for the College of Health Professions' faculty and staff which will be presented during faculty week in August 2014 and/or September 2014 college meeting. A proposal or proposals will be developed for the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning for a workshop based upon their experiences at the conference. It is the hope that the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning will be interested in these proposals.

    $3,714.40 Final Report
    "Imaginary Indians" as an Artifact of Power Bonnie Wright 2014
    "Imaginary Indians" as as Artifact of Power is and exhibit of over 150 artifacts representing the American Indian as an imaginary figure existing in the realm of popular culture. The fictionalized and commercialized representations steal the identity and mock Native American cultures, replacing the historical with something that never existed. The exhibit highlights theses of erasure, invisibility, the myth of discovery, colonialism, the fantasy "Indian in a Cupboard," and the "Indian Head" as a commodity of consumption. This exhibit will be supported by guest lectures in classrooms, a public presentation, and a work session of faculty and students to produce a narrative panel for the existing items portraying Native Americans in the Jim Crow Museum. This series of events is designed to facilitate a deconstruction of popular misconceptions of native Americans, and to replace hurtful fictionalized portrayals of American Indian cultures with historic and modern perspectives of native American people. University. $2,700.00 Final Report
    “The Alphabet Soup: Learning about LGBTQIA people and the SafePlace Program” (DVD) Connie L. Randle-Morcom 2014
    The Television and Digital Media Production program, Instructional Design course would produce, direct and develop a DVD titled “The Alphabet Soup: Learning about LGBTQIA people and the SafePlace Program” (DVD). Three to four videos would be published to teach the Ferris learning community and others about the Safe Place Program (SP) a network of lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, allies, and questioning (LGBTQIAQ) people who contribute to the open and safe environment at Ferris State University.



     Final Report

    The Mythology of the Jewish Experience Barry Mehler 2013

    The Mythology of the Jewish Experience will be and exploration of Jewish mythology as well as mythologies about Jews. The image of the Jew has always been a protean one, changing over the course of millennia, shaped and reshaped to fit diverse cultural, political and theological needs. Thus, Jews are portrayed as communists and capitalists, liberals and fascists, killers of Christ, enemies of humanity, the evil behind all evil, the minions of Satan.

    Aviva Cantor has spent a lifetime combining activism with journalism. She has been described as the "great synthesizer," bringing together Jewish feminism, Zionism, socialism, animal rights and concern for the environment. "She is best known for her work as co-founder and editor of Lillith, the independent Jewish feminist magazine, her landmark The Egalitarian Haggadah, and her passionately analytical and theoretical work*, Jewish Women/Jewish Men: The Legacy of Patriarchy in Jewish Life, and exploration of Jewish History, culture and psychology."

    In her more than forty years of journalism, Aviva Cantor has reported on Jewish communities in Africa, Latin America and Europe. During her visit to campus she will also meet with our journalism students and discuss the ethics of journalism and how journalism has changed over the past half century.

    *Amy Stone, Jewish Women, http//jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/cantor-aviva

    $3,000.00 Final Report
    Just Marriage - From Outlaws to Inlaws: Marriage Equality, Family Health and Human Rights Michael Berghoef 2013
    The films “Inlaws & Outlaws” and “Just Marriage” highlight the important issues around marriage inequality and the need to address prejudices against our LGBT community members and their families. Director Drew Emery has traveled the country educating university students and community members on the importance of examining these issues with compassion and an eye to the social justice issues they raise. Participants will be asked to consider the human rights of a large portion of our society and the effects on all of us as we make decisions in our families, in our courts and in the voting booth. This event will engage the FSU community in 3 distinct West Michigan locations in a dialog about the ethical issues surrounding marriage equality for the LGBT members of our community, and encourage attendees of the film screening and director talk back to consider where we’ve come from and where we are headed next in our current struggle for equality. $3,261.00 Final Report
    The Rich Tradition of Oaxacan Folk Art Carrie Weis 2012

    The Rankin Art Gallery, the Office of Multicultural Student Services, The Kendall Gallery, and Artworks of Big Rapids are working together to bring the stunning tradition of Oaxaca Folk Art to Ferris State University. The work will be on display at each location; Big Rapids main campus, Kendall Grand Rapids campus and Artworks of Big Rapids.

    This exhibition will take place in tandem with the OMSS organized events that make up FSU's Hispanic Heritage celebration. Along with the art on display, the artists will be brought to our communities to talk to our students, faculty, staff and our public, covering topics that include information about the rich cultural heritage of Oaxaca Mexico, the current political climate of their country and most importantly the tradition of Oaxaca wood carving.

    Along with meeting the artists and learning about their lives, students will have the opportunity to observe Jacobo carving and Maria painting during workshop sessions. Students and the public will also have an opportunity to learn and apply the unique method of painting in the colorful and delicate style. Workshops, demonstrations and presentations will be scheduled in all three locations.

    $5,000.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Nowruz - Persian/Iranian New Year Festival Sara Ansari 2013

    Nowruz - Persian/Iranian New Year Festival is a 1-day festival that will be celebrated on the 20th of March with visitors from all walks of life. This will be the first time it is celebrated on a Ferris State University campus.

    Nowruz is a strong and unbreakable chain that connects several countries with diverse cultures, languages, and religions in different parts of the world that all once constituted the civilization of Greater Persia. All the Iranians in this great land, the Persian-speaking minorities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe; the people of Tajikistan and Afghanistan; and groups of people in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Armenia, Albania, and Iraq celebrate Nowruz annually and consider it to be one of their main national festivals.

    At this event, one beautiful and eye-catching Haft-Sin table will be displayed in the IRC connector. One or two Persian student(s) or community member(s) will explain the meaning and the symbolism of each item on the Haft-Sin table during the program. There will be an introduction about Nowruz, its history, and an explanation of the Haft-Sin Table by Sara Ansari in one of the rooms in IRC followed by a presentation about Persian culture and its connection with nature by Dr. Shahram

    Revised September 5, 2012 Parastesh, Iranian Scholar at Ferris. In the evening, Persian food will be served to all attendees to give them a taste of the Middle East as well take part in a Nowruz custom.

     $1,500.00  Final Report
    Interpreter Program Birkam Health Joan Kronlein 2012

    Birkam Health Center at Ferris State University has systems in place to provide quality health services to students. While we pride ourselves in the provision of quality, comprehensive and affordable health care, Birkam Health Center is challenged to effectively provide care to Low English Proficient (LEP) students and students with particular disabilities. The specific challenge discussed here includes interpreting the spoken and written word for our LEP and International student population. A number of International students in the beginning English classes have come to Ferris State University without English-speaking skills or a very limited capacity. One can imagine the potential difficulty this would pose for a student seeking appropriate health care on campus.

    LEP students have the right to receive health information in their preferred language venue. This venue includes written information and verbal information including those cultural factors that affect understanding of health information. Our goal is to provide this by using special phones, translated materials, language services education, interpreters and marketing supplies for LEP.

    $2,210.00 Final Report
    "Torch" Program Carol Rewers 2012
    Many pre-business participants are first-generation college students that lack exposure to university services, the business world, and career opportunities available to them because of educational success. Some of our students are academically under prepared for the university experience. The Torch Program is being initiated for these students because we believe they tend to fall through the cracks and are at risk of being unsuccessful in our learning environment. As we know, FSU offers many services for under-prepared students. This program is not meant to take the place of current offerings. We believe some of our pre-business students need additional guidance and "intrusive" advising to utilize the available services. We believe these students will benefit through out-of-class contact which can also be provided by trained mentors in the business field. Specific business-oriented events will also be planned for the students participants. $4,600.00 Final Report
    Native American Pow Wow & Round Dance Michael Wade 2012

    "Native Exploration: Native American Pow Wow & Round Dance" is a new initiative to promote, teach and engage our campus community on Native American culture. The two-part event is one students, faculty, staff ad community members will enjoy and be able to participate in. The first event is a Traditional Pow Wow. Historically, Pow Wow's started in the 19th century, and today's gatherings are based on the fundamental values common to Native Americans across North America: Honor, Respect, Tradition and Generosity. The event at FSU will be the first of its kind here on campus that will include singers, dancers, vendors and families from all over Michigan to share and celebrate the culture.

    The second event will be a Round Dance. Students, community-members will be invited to participate in the Round Dance exhibition. The Round Dance will be participatory, and all will see the evolution to modern from Pow-Wow to Round Dance. The event will include a talk from professional Native drummer on the history and meaning of the Drum to the indigenous People, and a Dreamcatchers workshop by the FSU RSO Circle of Tribal Nations.The events will be free and open to campus, a small fee will be charged for community members.

    $3,700.00 Final Report
    Dr. Renn's visit during National Coming Out Week Mischelle Stone 2011

    Dr. Renn's keynote address and workshop are designed to heighten faculty and staff awareness of the challenges LBGT students face in the classroom. These challenges range from benign neglect of LBGT perspectives and student perceptions that faculty do not understand them, to experiencing outright hostility from faculty and other students.

    Research (e.g., Cotton-Huston and Waite, 2000; Lopez and Chism, 1993) suggests that lesbian, gay, and bisexual students experience high rates of discrimination and harassment on campus and that the classroom environment has an impact on student's coming-out experiences. There is also research (e.g., Malinowitz, 1995) to suggest that the coming-out experiences of students are linked to the retention and success of students in colleges and universities. This keynote address and workshop are designed to heighten faculty and staff awareness of these issues and provide them with concrete strategies for how to address them in the classroom.

    $1,020.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Inclusive Health and Wellness Cindy Vandersloot 2012
    To ensure that Ferris State University is contemporary and welcoming for all students and users of the Student Recreation Center, and consistent with the principles of Universal Design, accessible exercise equipment is needed to provide a physical activity experience to our underserved population of students with disabilities. This project will evidence our institutional commitment to the diversity of its students, faculty/staff, and Ferris community population. $5,000.00 Final Report
    FSU Chinese New Year Celebration Randy Groves 2011
    As part of a larger project to make Ferris Students more aware of Chinese culture, politics and economics we have planned a Chinese New Year celebration and teach-in. The New Year’s Celebration highlights primarily Chinese music, dance, artwork (both ancient and modern), and food all prepared by students and members of the Ferris community. The teach-in will focus on how Chinese culture has become a significant influence on American culture, especially, the effects on our domestic life, foreign policy, and economic existence. The Chinese New Year Celebration is an excellent way to increase student awareness of Chinese practices and the role that modern China has on the world stage. $2,100.00 Final Report
    The Sports Communication program "Sports Speakers Series" Sandy Alspach 2011
    The Sports Communication program brings together a collaborative effort among four Colleges and University support services including Career Services and the Office of Multicultural Student Services to prepare Ferris State University students for careers in the rapidly-expanding sports industry. Drea Avent, a graduate of Cal State Long Beach’s broadcasting program, is a woman of color who has moved into a high profile position as a sports reporter._ Her story demonstrates for Ferris students, and the community, the importance of good academic preparation and determination to seize opportunities to succeed in their chosen career field. $2,300.00 Final Report
    Telling your story through ALICE Dan Tuuri 2011
    This pilot initiative will introduce middle school girls to computer programming through the concept of storytelling. Traditionally this is an under represented population in computer careers nationally. $3,000.00 Final Report
    Diversity in Action: A Mobile Social Network and Video Game Platform Debbie Dawson 2011
    Diversity in Action (DIA) is a mobile video game platform that targets both mainstream and under-represented students. Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or on the web, this free-to-play action packed 3D video game allows players to ride the "Big Rapids" while learning about diversity and inclusion through embedded video and game play content. The focus of the initial game will be in three program areas in the College of Engineering Technology. As a long-term plan, the DIA platform must have the flexibility to evolve. Provisions to expand game content to other areas of the university and the ability to link game play to social network features will be included in the initial DIA design. The game itself, " Big Rapids River Run" - An immersive Virtual World, requires students to master river tubing through a maze of progressively more difficult 3D rapids courses on the virtual Ferris State University campus. Embedded within each path, YouTube style "Diversity in Action" clips expose students to various programs while demonstrating diversity and inclusion. A prize is also implanted in each diversity video allowing players to register on the FSU website to access new game levels and prizes. $5,000.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Put This On The Map Mike Berghoef 2011
    The event entitled "Put This On The Map" includes a three-part presentation that examines how twenty-six young people exercise courage in creating social change in Seattle. In confronting bullying and other acts of violence, these young people chronicle the movement from fear and social isolation to fearlessness and liberation. The first part of the presentation consists of educational roundtable by the filmmakers and some of the film's participants to discuss the history of making the film and the grass roots movement that resulted in a candid evaluation of the school, family, and community experiences of queer youth. The second part of the presentation consists of a 34-minute documentary film that reveals how young activist voices and conversations about intersecting identities and popular culture result in systemic change. Part three of the presentation - the talk back session - seeks to steer the conversation beyond the symptom of bullying, to address systemic issues and deeper beliefs about gender and sexuality that impact queer/trans youth. $1,444.85 Final Report
    SWC Tour of Museums Karen GreenBay 2011
    University College and the Students with Children program are pleased to request a diversity mini grant for Ferris students and their families to enhance their education via a “Tour of Museums”. The growing number of underserved college students with children has inspired University College to seek, identify, and support the needs of this population. Funding for this event will allow participants to engage in a cohesive series of group learning experiences that will increase awareness of historical landmarks and scientific phenomena, and introduce museum learning to families so they may explore more museums in the future. The museums selected are located in Big Rapids and surrounding cities in Michigan; with the conclusion of the tour being hosted at the Adler Planetarium and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago museum tour will be an overnight experience to spend quality time at two of the largest museums in our region. $5,000.00 Final Report
    Spiritual Expo Fair Nick Campau 2011
    The Spiritual Exploration Fair is designed to help Ferris State University students enhance their spiritual development. This event will be set up as resource fair with tables being hosted by spiritual RSO’s, local spiritual centers/places of worship, and underrepresented spiritual centers/places of worship from outside of Big Rapids. $533.00 Final Report
    Using Our Skills to Help Countries in Need: Training African Rats as Life-savers in Africa Jeff Nagelbush 2011
    Dr. Alan D. Poling, a psychologist from Western Michigan University, uses psychological learning technology to train African pouched rats (who are bigger than many squirrels) to detect land mines and tuberculosis bacteria. Working for APOPO, a non-governmental organization headquartered in Tanzania, Dr. Poling has been working to improve the training and evaluate the success of rats to detect the existence of land mines so that they can be neutralized. He is also evaluating the ability of these large rats to detect the tuberculosis bacterium quicker and more accurately than microscopy. Dr. Poling will describe his work in his presentation. Besides the interesting content, his work reveals how information our students learn in our classes can be used to help others here and abroad. He also is an example of someone who has been willing to go to remote and dangerous places to help make the world better. $1,180.00 Final Report
    Diversity Training for FLITE Employees Mari Kermit-Canfield 2011
    Dr. David Pilgrim will present the internationally renowned OUCH - That Stereotype Hurts diversity training program to FLITE Library's staff in Summer 2011. A follow-up discussion will be held in Fall 2011. $974.38 Final Report
    Sexual and Relationship Violence Awareness Week: Shattering the Silence Kristen Norton 2010
    Angela Rose's decade of work on the issue of sexual violence has made her a highly-respected, engaging speaker and expert on sexual assault and violence prevention. She is also widely recognized as an advocate for survivor empowerment. Angela's efforts have been profiled by CNN, The Today Show, TIME Magazine, The Montel Williams Show, The John Walsh Show, CosmoGirl, Girl's Life magazine and in newspapers nationwide. $4,185.00 Final Report
    IT Instructional Video Narrated in Native Languages of Students in FSU Intensive English Program Jody Gardei 2010
    Incoming international students enrolled in the Intensive English Program require a way to effectively learn how to use Ferris State University's MyFSU portal, email account, and FerrisConnect in order to be successful at the university. ITS and the Office of International Education would like to collaborate and provide a video for these students narrated in their native language to assist them with their transition to Ferris. The video could be reused with new narration as necessary in the native language of the students requiring assistance, assuming Ferris has a student available that is both fluent in English and that language. $275.00 Final Report
    STEP AFRIKA! Michael Wade 2010
    Step Afrika! is the only professional dance company in the world dedicated to the tradition of stepping. Founded in December 1994, the company is critically acclaimed for its efforts to promote an understanding of and appreciation for stepping and the tradition’s use as an educational tool for young people worldwide. $5,000.00 Final Report
    OSU Alumni Club, FSU-GR, KCAD, GRCC, GVSU presentation of THEM-Images of Separation Dawn Schavey 2010
    OSU Alumni Club partnered with Ferris State University Grand Rapids (FSUGR), Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD), and Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) and Grand Valley State University (GVSU) to bring to Grand Rapids a traveling exhibit; "THEM - Images of Separation." This exhibit includes 35 separate framed pieces that illustrate some of the most sensitive and contentious cultural issues of our time. Our group cares about making an impact on the sensitivity and diverse understanding of students and community members. With the increasing numbers of hate crimes and hate groups we feel that this is an important topic that impacts us globally, nationally and locally. We believe that by working with other educational institutions, we can foster intellectual explorations that will lead to improved attitudes about individuals and groups that differ from our own. Through the traveling pieces of the Jim Crow Museum we can provide an innovative way of presenting objects of intolerance to teach tolerance. $2,000.00 Final Report
    Out and About: Examining Gay Life in Small Town America Mischelle Stone 2010
    The event entitled "Out and About: Examining Gay Life in Small Town America" is a three-part film series that examines small-town life for members of the LGBT population. Each of the films chronicles the real life experiences of individuals living in small towns in America. Though different in their make-up and focus, each of the films fits within the overarching theme of the challenges that members of the LBGT face in coming to terms with their own sexual nature and the rejection of friends, families, and community members. Further, it examines the ways in which members of the LBGT community deal with this rejection. $2,629.00 Final Report
    The Black Jews Dialogs Bruce Dilg 2010
    What's so funny about two American minorities that have slavery, the KKK, and chicken livers in common? That's what you'll find out in this extraordinary two-actor play on the history and absurdity of prejudice and racism within the context of the American Black-Jew experience. The Black Jew Dialogs combines fast-paced sketches, improvisations, and multi-media to create a show that has gained praise across the U.S. and the U.K. $2,362.00 Final Report
    Relating to and Caring for People from Diverse Cultures Margaret Lyons 2010
    According to Dr. Oosterwal’s presentation description, the program will be two-fold: “ The first will focus on the ways people from diverse cultures consider disease, experience and respond to pain, see body image, try to understand the causes of disease and death, consider the best treatments, relate to medications and foods, expect of bedside manners, relate to care givers, see the role of family, deal with pregnancy and parenting, and other factors involved in the experience of illness. The second part of the program will focus on the issue of cross-cultural communication. Comparisons will be made between our American (and mostly Western) ways and those of other cultures and religions.”Dr. Oosterwal will be invited to speak with students and faculty from Allied Health, Optometry and Pharmacy. $1,300.00 Final Report
    The Tombstone Project Bonnie Wright/Michael Wade 2010
    The Tombstone Project is a graphic display recording the stories of individuals who lost their lives in Michigan during the past year due to domestic violence. The display is accompanied by a panel presentation that is designed to educate proactive responses toward domestic violence across professions that Ferris students are preparing to enter after graduation. For a three week period, the campus community will see artistic renderings of tombstones, set up in the quad, bearing the date of birth, date of death, gender, and an excerpt from the police report describing the cause of the victim’s death. At the end of this three week period, a panel of campus professionals will speak shortly on ways that domestic violence is proactively treated in medical fields, criminal justice professions, and education. $844.75 Final Report
    Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    Disabilities Awareness Month Karen GreenBay 2010
    The Liaison Committee for Students with Disabilities is organizing events for the Disabilities Awareness Month. The events include two nationally known speakers, Kathy Buckley and Johnny Tuitel, who will share and discuss their own experiences with disabilities. Kathy Buckley has been coined as “America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne, Actress, Motivational Speaker and Humanitarian.” Johnny Tuitel was born with cerebral palsy and has used a wheelchair his entire life. Mr. Tuitel will discuss how he has succeeded through acceptance, self-esteem and motivation. Additionally, the committee will bring the Michigan Sled Dogs to campus. The Michigan Sled Dogs are a team of hockey players with a variety of disabilities that plays a sit down version of ice hockey; they will challenge a “celebrity” Big Rapids team at the Wink Arena. The fourth and final event is a showing of the movie, “Music Within.” This movie is the true story of Richard Pimentel and his work in Disability Employment and the Americans with Disabilities Act.The grant will fund Johnny Tuitel and Disability Movie Night. $2,850.00 Final Report
    Making it in the Ad Game: How I built My Successful Career in Advertising and E- Commerce Marketing as an African-American Woman Susan Jones 2010
    Ferris State University Advertising Graduate Michelle Phenix Marshall (COB, 1996) will speak at the All-Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communications Majors’ Meeting on October 5, 2010 at 11 a.m. in the IRC Auditorium. Michelle’s topic will be ”Making it in the ‘Ad Game’: How I Built My Successful Career in Advertising and E-Commerce Marketing as an African-American Woman.” This event will be mandatory for Advertising/IMC majors, and it also will be open to the entire campus community. $1,100.00 Final Report
    The 2010 MLK Celebration featured Presentation “The NWC Show” Michael Wade 2010
    The 2010 Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration’s theme is to focus on “The Jim Crow Era: Then and Now” in a critical reflection of its impact in society. We aim to educate the University community, through a reflection on the past, a significant examination of the present, and a collective commitment to a more inclusive community in the future.
    A featured presentation of this year’s MLK Celebration is the NWC Race Show. Our overall goal in bringing the NWC Race Show to FSU is to educate the campus on the impact of hateful words, is for individuals to evaluate perceptions/stereotypes of groups in society, as well as encourage individuals to have continuous dialogue for understanding with race and ethnicity on campus.
    $4,000.00 Final Report
    Without Fear: Dolores Huerta talks about neighbors uniting Stephanie Thomson 2009
    Dolores Huerta is one of the most prominent Chicana labor leaders in the United States and has dedicated her life to the struggle for justice and dignity. As co-founder of the United Farm Workers, Cesar E. Chavez, referred to Huerta as a women “without fear.” Today, her foundation seeks to engage women, children, and neighbors to actively seek solutions to community problems. Ferris, Big Rapids and other communities will gather to both hear Huerta and begin a dialogue on community issues and community involvement in problem solving. $1390.00 Final Report
    Students With Children (SWC) Network Karen GreenBay 2009
    The programming will offer activities, resources, and services for SWC’s attending Ferris including peer mentors, referrals to campus and community resources, parenting education seminars, and family friendly activities. These new efforts will be provide for first-time college students and returning and transfer students who have children. $3753.00 Final Report
    "Blood and Politics: White Nationalism and the Politics of Hate" Barry Mehler 2009
    Leonard Zeskind, winner of the MacArthur Genius Award and author of Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement – From the Margins to the Mainstream,is currently touring the nation speaking out on the politics of hate. The single most important issue that has brought white nationalists from the margins into the mainstream, according to Leonard Zeskind, has been the debate over immigration and “illegal aliens.” Zeskind’s new book,Blood and Politics will be indispensable to Ferris’s diversity efforts; having him here to interact with our students will move us another step toward our shared vision for the future of Ferris. $3500.00 Final Report
    Fred Weston – “Living with HIV” Carrie Weis 2009
    Fred Weston, a Detroit native, is an artist, a Ferris Alumni and an African American living with HIV. The Rankin Art Gallery will invite Fred Weston to exhibit his artwork on our campus in an effort to showcase the work of an artist who is living with one of the most misunderstood and stereotyped diseases. $2654.00 Final Report
  • Grant Event Title Recipient Year Awarded
    2009 MLK Week Celebration at Ferris State University MLK Planning Committee 2009
    The 4th annual MLK Week Celebration at FSU included student activities and organized events both on and off-campus, culminating in the MLK Legacy Dinner and Awards. $3,286.86 Final Report
    Baldwin After-School Mathematics Tutoring Program

    Mary Forintos

    The Baldwin After-School Tutoring Program links Ferris students who are pre-service mathematics teachers with Baldwin elementary and high school students who need assistance with their study of mathematics. $3,750.00 Final Report
    Critical Encounters with Globalization: a Colloquium Series Piram Prakasam 2009
    The Colloquium Series will invite two speakers to inform Ferris students and the larger community about the role diversity plays in two contrasting economies: the European Union and India. $4,000.00 Final Report
    EYE-DOC: Encouraging Youth Empowerment – Diversity in Optometry Collaborative Jim Nash 2009
    EYE-DOC is a 2-day summer diversity pilot program which seeks to expose 9th-11th grade high school students from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups within the Grand Rapids public school system to the profession of Optometry. $4,000.00 Final Report
    Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Their Families Katherine Harris 2009
    Love Makes a Family is a museum-quality traveling exhibit including photographs and interviews with families that have lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members. Through first-person accounts and positive images, this exhibit seeks to challenge and change damaging myths and stereotypes about LGBT people and their families. $4,000.00 Final Report
    Raising Expectations with Raised Bed Gardens Scott Herron 2009
    In the spirit of collaboration, engagement and inclusion, a group of concerned FSU community members are planning to work with the FSU Physical Plants Grounds Crew and Big Rapids Parks and Recreation Department to locate and build several wheelchair accessible raised bed garden planters for growing ornamentals and vegetables. $4,000.00 Final Report
    Exploring the Seven Passages: A conversation about LGBTQ spirituality Mike Berghoef 2009
    This student event will address the complex issues facing individuals who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) in regard to finding a balance between their sexual orientation and spiritual beliefs. This event will provide a learning opportunity where students can engage in a discussion about current issues surrounding not only the LGBTQ community but also members of faith based communities. $2,300.00 Final Report
    Tres Vidas Luzia Tartari 2009
    Musical theater that celebrates the life, times and work of three legendary Latin American Women; Frida Kahlo, Alfonsina Storni, Rufina Amaya. $4,000.00 Final Report

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