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Entering IDEA Objectives

Entering Objectives for IDEA Administrations

Once the course evaluation administration has been created for the period during which you will have courses evaluated, utilizing either the IDEA 18 or the IDEA 47, you will need to select your objectives for the IDEA survey. Note that administrations will only be set up after the final day to withdraw from class with a “W” during the relevant session.

The directions for adding your objectives for the administration within Campus Labs follows. If you need assistance, please check with your department secretary, the dean’s secretary, or Angie Hollister ([email protected]). The process should not take more than three minutes and must be completed before the administration period closes. You will always be provided with an e-mail about the start and end dates and advising you to enter your objectives.

  1. Log into Ferris360 and search for "Course Evaluations for Faculty," then click on the search result of the same name.
  2. There you will see any courses that are scheduled to be evaluated this semester. Click on a course that will utilize the IDEA form
  3. When you select the course, a screen will provide a list of the possible IDEA objectives. For each, click whether you intend for the object to be minor, important, or essential. Note the instructions suggest selecting only 3-5 objectives to be important or essential.
  4. At the end of the list, click on the Update button
  5. Repeat this process for any additional courses utilizing the IDEA form

To assure high response rates, if your students meet face to face, we encourage you to allow students time to complete the evaluation on their mobile devices, laptops, or by accessing a nearby lab. Please also let them know that you value their feedback on the course and that you do take their suggestions into consideration.

Students will also receive a notice concerning the availability of the forms and be reminded throughout the open period, if they have not already completed the reviews.

Follow this link for a video on the objectives selection form completion process.