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Generating Reports

Below are the instructions to follow for producing course evaluation reports for your departments or colleges.  The Spring 2015 report has been available since two days after grades were due, and individual reports to faculty were e-mailed the day after grades were reported (May 12).  By selecting different “terms” in the upper right, you will also be able to compare to prior semesters.  Note that you must also select the appropriate instrument – SAI, IDEA-18, and IDEA-47.  A departmental review may inform some of your professional development planning for next year. We have had more classes and more students each semester over the 7 semesters we have used this tool.  The results, except for summer where there are few courses and different types of offerings, are quite consistent over time. 

Generating Reports

  1. Log into Ferris360 and search for "Course Evaluations for Administrators," then click on the search result of the same name.
  2. Click the icon in the Reporting section for the type of report you want. Options are: Faculty Reports; Question mean Analysis; Response Rates; or Unit Summary Report
  3. Select the type of report you wish to produce

Generating Question Mean Analysis

  1. Select Question Mean Analysis from the Reporting section on the course evaluations home page (bottom section)
  2. Select the evaluation type (there are both SAI and IDEA forms in use in some colleges)
  3. Very important: Select the desired term in the drop-down menu at the top left (Spring 2015, Fall 2014, etc.)
  4. Immediately, the report will present and you can see the overall report for this instrument in this semester for your largest unit access.
  5. Select the unit for which you wish to see a departmental-level report. A drop-down menu presents, and you select it. The new report presents immediately. What you see for the Institutional Unit (upper left) will vary according to your level of access. At the college level, you will have the capability to run reports for each of the departments identified in your area. 
  6. If you wish to print the report, the easiest method is to right click and "select all" and copy/paste into a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet. 

Reporting Guide for Instructors