Experimental Application for General Education status

New or Existing Experimental Courses

Curriculum approval and General Education certification are separate and parallel processes at Ferris. An application for General Education status must be submitted to the Senate Secretary at the same time as course materials are being forwarded to the college curriculum committee.  This application should contain the following for each course in which General Education status is requested:

For example, if a course were requesting General Education status in both Culture and Diversity, the initiator would submit a separate CIP for each of these competencies. The CIP forms for all eight competencies are available as fillable PDF forms.

The Senate Secretary will then forward the course materials to the appropriate General Education competency subcommittee and enter the application into the online application log. The subcommittee will have 21 days to review the course. After 21 days, any outstanding applications will be assumed to be approved.  Each member of the subcommittee will complete an anonymous decision form. This form will be used to record any comments, suggestions, or concerns as well as the committee member's vote (approve, do not approve, or revise and resubmit). Passage by the subcommittee is decided by a simple majority of 'approve' votes. The subcommittee will forward the results of the vote along with the completed decision forms to the Senate Secretary, who will forward the package to the Director of General Education. These results will be posted in the online application log. 

If the majority of the subcommittee vote 'do not approve', the application will be rejected and returned to the UGEC along with the completed decision forms. These results will be posted in the online application log. The applicant may then choose to appeal the decision using the process described elsewhere. 

If the subcommittee vote does not result in a majority of 'approve' or 'do not approve', the result will be interpreted as 'revise and resubmit'. These results will be posted in the online application log. The application will be returned to the applicant along with all decision forms. The applicant should then address the concerns of the subcommittee and resubmit their course for consideration.