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Problem Solving

Problem solving

Operational Definition

Problem solving is the process of designing, evaluating and implementing a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.

Hallmark of a Bulldog

Ferris graduates integrate knowledge from a variety of sources to find creative explanations or solutions to practical issues.


We all encounter complex problems in both our personal and professional lives.  Finding an optimal solution to these situations requires the ability to critically evaluate a range of different possibilities.

Ferris Learning Outcomes

The observable activities or abilities that will be evaluated as evidence of student learning for this Core Competency are described below. The icons to the left of each outcome are linked to holistic scoring rubrics. A complete matrix of all 40 scoring rubrics is available on this page.

PRB1 rubric

PRB1: Framing questions – Students will formulate creative and informed questions in order to investigate problems and develop solutions.

PRB2 rubric

PRB2: Gathering evidence – Students will discover and analyze information in order to determine its validity for application to a problem.

PRB3 rubric

PRB3: Using technology – Students will use technology in order to document processes and communicate findings.

PRB4 rubric

PRB4: Critical thinking – Students will demonstrate critical thinking in order to identify, interpret, and resolve problem