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Communication Competencies


Operational Definition

Communication study investigates and improves the process of communication. Communication occurs when individuals or groups use words, sounds, signs, and/ or behaviors in the expression of ideas, thoughts, information and/or feelings.

Hallmark of a Bulldog

Ferris graduates communicate effectively with others in a variety of different settings.


Clear communication of thoughts and ideas is critical for success in all aspects of life. In order to succeed in our personal and professional lives, we all need the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and interact in meaningful ways.

Ferris Learning Outcomes

The observable activities or abilities that will be evaluated as evidence of student learning for this Core Competency are described below. The icons to the left of each outcome are linked to holistic scoring rubrics. A complete matrix of all 40 scoring rubrics is available on this page.

COM1 rubric

COM1: Communication Strategies – Students will apply a variety of communication strategies to effectively adapt their writing, oral, and non-verbal communication to meet the needs of diverse audiences and situations.

COM2 rubric

COM2: Use of Information – Students will collect, assess, synthesize, and organize information or data and integrate that material into written, oral, or non-verbal communication that makes the appropriate contribution to a situation or discussion.

COM3 rubric

COM3: Message Clarity – Students will use language effectively in their writing and speaking with varied sentence structure and word choice appropriate to audience and situation.

COM4 rubric

COMS 4 (Oral): Relationship with Others – Students will apply effective communication behaviors to develop relationships and to promote listening and discussion

COM4 rubric

COMW 4 (Written): Document Design – Students will employ the tools of effective document design and visual rhetoric to produce professional texts or multimedia products