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Report Repository

Evidence of student learning in the General Education program is presented below. An executive overview of the program's status is presented using an online Demo Dashboard. Right now, the dashboard is just a prototype and is presenting simulated data. Sometime in early 2018, a more functional interface will be in place and be linked to actual student learning data. More in-depth analyses of these data are presented in the periodic assessment reports archived below. These reports are provided in three ways, each with different levels of user interactivity:

PDF - These are read-only documents in a journal format suitable for printing and reading off-line.

HTML - These are online reports. Each section of these reports has an associated moderated discussion board. This will allow faculty, staff, and administrators to post comments, suggestions, and interpretations over an extended period of time (rather than just in a short meeting).

DOI - These are the permanent (and citable) locations for the reports, their associated data, and analysis code. A Wiki and a comment feature are also available here. This Open Science Framework site provides access to the GitHub repository for the report (which is under version control). You can fork the GitHub repo to your own account and explore the ins and outs of the entire process. If you know git, you can also modify the reports and send a pull request to have your edits considered for inclusion in the project.

Report Title DOI HTML PDF


Establishing Threshold of Success for Student Learning in General Education



Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis of NSSE Data to Explore Student Satisfaction and Retention



Meta-Analysis of Student Achievement on Natural Sciences FLO SCI1 in a 200-Level Biology Course 

10.17605/OSF.IO/35GSR HTML PDF