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Migration of Courses to the Revised Curriculum

To simplify implementation and maintain as much as possible in our transfer agreements, the migration of courses from the old General Education curriculum to our revised program is automatic. The mapping of courses is as follows:

Current Attribute Current Attribute Description New Attribute New Attribute Description
COMM Communication COMS Oral communication
--- Did not exist COMW Written communication
WRIT Writing Intensive (WIC) CATC Communication across the curriculum
CULT Cultural Enrichment CLTR Culture
CACT Cultural Activities Class ACTC Activities in Culture
GLOB Global Conscientious DIVG Global Diversity
RACE Race, Ethnicity, Gender DIVU Universal issues in race, ethnicity, and gender
SCIE Scientific Understand NSCI Natural Sciences
SCIL Scientific Understand Lab NCSL Natural Sciences Lab
QUAN Quantitative Understanding QUAL Quantitative Literacy
SOCI Social Awareness SSOC Self and Society
SFND Social Foundation SSOF Self and Society Foundation
--- Did not exist COLL Collaboration
--- Did not exist PROB Problem Solving