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Culture Committee

Committee Charge

In collaboration with the General Education Coordinator and University General Education Committee, the Culture competency committee is responsible for:  

  • Evaluating new Culture course proposals;
  • Monitoring Culture assessment activities;
  • Reporting on evidence of student learning in Culture courses;
  • Conducting periodic recertification of Culture courses. 

Committee Composition

The Culture committee consists of one member from English, Literature, and World Languages, two members from Humanities, and three members from units other than the College of Arts, Sciences and Education. Memberships are for three year terms that expire at the end of the academic year.

Committee Members (2021/2022 academic year)

  • Dee Dee Stakely (chair), Transfer Services. Term Ends Fall 2023
  • Melinda Isler, FLITE. Term Ends Fall 2024.
  • Cami Sanderson, CASE at large.  Term Ends Fall 2022.
  • Tracy Busch, CASE - Humanities. Term Ends Fall 2024.
  • Ana Davila-Howard, CASE - English, Literature, World Languages. Term Ends Fall 2023.
  • Michele Harvey, CET. Term Ends Fall 2022.