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Voicemail Usage Guide for Employees

If you need to call into voice mail when outside the office to retrieve messages and/or change your greeting etc., dial 231-591-5005.

NOTE: You must place your call from a touch tone phone.

Once you login to CallPilot Voice Mail, you might hear something like, “You have x new voice messages. Message 1, new , from “Someone’s Name at Extension XXXX, received today at2:38 pm.”

Playing your messages

Your mailbox is set up to automatically play a message once you hear the header.

To stop playback of a message, press # (Stop).

To resume playback, press 2 (Play).

To replay a message header, press 7 2. (This will also give you a list of anyone who received a copy of this message.)

Use the top two rows of your telephone keypad to move quickly through your messages.

  • Press 1 to skip backward in a message
  • Press 3 to skip forward in a message
  • Press 4 to skip back to previous message
  • Press 6 to skip forward to next message

Deleting/Restore Messages

To delete a message, press 7 6. This will tag message for deletion and move it to the end of your mailbox.

To “undelete” a message, press 7 6 again when the message plays again at the end of your mailbox.

Once you have disconnected, all messages tagged for deletion will be removed.

Express Messaging

Express Messaging is used to share information in your office without ringing a telephone.

To use Express Messaging, dial 5006.

“Express Messaging to mailbox” (enter the mailbox number you want to leave a message in followed by # sign).

“Someone’s name, extension XXXX, please leave a message after the tone.”

Leave your message and hang up.