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Specialty Calls

No collect and /or third party calls may be accepted on any Ferris telephone. Also, no calls may be billed to any Ferris telephone number. There will be a $12.00 penalty charged if either of these infractions occurs. If Telecommunications cannot determine the responsible party after investigation, the cost of the call(s) and penalty will be divided equally among the room residents.

900 Service

No 900 calls may be placed from the University telephone system.

Directory Assistance

Charges for long distance information calls will be billed at a flat rate charge of $.45 per call for 231 directory assistance and $.75 per call for directory assistance outside of the 231 area (These rates are subject to change). No student is permitted to place a directory information call and request assistance in dialing the telephone number. If it is determined the call has been processed by an Ameritech, AT&T or O.C.C. operator, charges will be billed with a surcharge and the per minute rate determined by the University.  You will not be able to make these calls without an authorization code.

Operator Services

Ferris State University allows equal access to all long distance vendors for operator services including collect, calling card and person to person. This type of call can be made from within your residence hall on the courtesy phones.