Print Management FAQ

  • Once you decide your department would like to participate in the program, your printers will be inventoried and added to the contract. To add your printers to the FSU/MOS contract, a signature will be required. MOS will place a sticker on all printers added to the contract which will have an MOS Equipment ID number. This is the ID number that MOS will use when providing service or supplies.

  • This service includes labor (repairs), parts (fusers, toners, drums), technician travel time, preventative maintenance (scheduled cleanings), and emergency calls. Paper is the only item each department is responsible for replacing.

  • MOS completed a print volume analysis on FSU printers and set the pricing in the maintenance agreement according to the total volume per month. All departments will pay the same cost per page which is $.012 for black and white copies and $.10 for color copies. Departments will also be responsible for the cost of paper.

  • You will still call the IT Solution Center at extension 4822 and the technician will enter a service repair order for your printer. Please have the MOS device ID number and a description of the problem ready to give the technician so they can expedite your service repair.

  • Once we know what machines will be on the plan, MOS will verify which printers are and are not compatible with the auto-ship technology. If the printer model is capable of using the auto-ship technology, the toner will be flagged at 10% and the MOS Customer Care Department will engage your department contact to verify toner is needed before shipping. If the printer model is not capable of using the auto-ship technology, you will need to place a support call to the IT Solution Center and a ticket will be created for your supply request. Please have the MOS device ID number ready to give the technician so they can expedite your supply request.

  • If MOS has the toner in stock, which is about 80%-90% of the time, and the toner is ordered by 3 p.m., the toner will be delivered the next day. If MOS does not have a toner in stock, possibly because the printer is an older model, MOS will order it from their vendor which would take approximately 3-4 days. If the need for a toner is an emergency, MOS can expedite it from their vendor and have it shipped next day to your department. Note: For the first couple of months on the program, it is recommended the departments keep a backup toner until we can verify the reporting and auto-ship technology are working correctly. After verification, there would no longer be a need for departments to keep a backup toner.

  • Per the maintenance agreement, if the device cannot be fixed it will be replaced with "like equipment". If the equipment is five years beyond the discontinued date per the manufacturer, MOS will engage in a conversation with the department contact as part of their quarterly meetings and decide if new equipment needs to be purchased. MOS will service a printer as long as they are able to acquire parts. If a printer fails, MOS deems the printer to be not repairable, and the printer is aged five years beyond the discontinued date per the manufacturer, then FSU would be responsible for the hardware cost of replacement.

    Example: The customer has an HP LaserJet 5 printer and this is a discontinued model per HP. The LaserJet 5 fails and MOS deems the printer non-repairable because parts are no longer available. The age of the printer has exceeded the five years of the manufacturer’s discontinued date so MOS would have a conversation with the department regarding purchase of a replacement.

  • “Like equipment” is a piece of equipment (printer) similar to what is already in place. The manufacturer and model of “like equipment” that MOS swaps out the original equipment for may vary depending upon MOS’s inventory at the time of replacement.

  • Upgrading hardware would add a cost separate from the FSU/MOS Maintenance Agreement. Adding hardware can change cost per page or print volumes in the contract, however pricing cannot change for one year per the contract. Part of the management process for MOS is having quarterly meetings with departments to make sure their needs are being met and ask if they want to change anything.

    Example: A department decides they want a color printer instead of the black and white one they currently have. MOS determines if the device has a trade-in value case-by-case. If the device has some type of value to them, meaning they could re-use the device somewhere else, then a trade-in value would be given and FSU would be responsible for the remaining balance of the new hardware purchase from MOS. FSU is able to purchase equipment from any vendor but will not receive a trade-in value if the equipment is not purchased from MOS.

  • Accidental damage, abuse, misuse, theft, loss, neglect, acts of third parties, fire, water, environment, casualty or any other natural force is not covered under the FSU/MOS Maintenance Agreement. MOS can and will move devices that are part of the FSU/MOS Maintenance Agreement for an additional cost, then MOS would be responsible for any accidental damage if incurred during transport.

  • Yes, when new equipment is installed our MOS Account Representative will do training if necessary.

  • Reporting from MOS is available and can be sent to whomever the department specifies to take ownership of this.

  • Invoices will be mailed by department. Within 2-5 business days your department will be enrolled in the program and your billing cycle will begin on the first day of the next month.