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IT Governance Committee Illustrative Process Timeline

Illustrative Timeline for a Request to Flow Through the Process

Preliminary Work

  • The user department identifies the need for new or replacement software.

  • The user department works with appropriate individuals in their division to determine divisional priority level and availability of funding.

  • If there is conceptual and financial support in 1 and 2 above, the department would work with IT and Purchasing on doing the necessary research to determine options and estimated pricing or quotes.

  • The user department is encouraged to learn early in the process what other users at the University are using for similar functionality

IT Governance Committee

  • If the department still wants to proceed, the next step is for the department to complete the IT Governance Committee Request for New or Replacement Software or Application form, and the IT Governance Committee Input Form.

  • ITS completes a final review and the Chief Technology Officer forwards the Request, along with the IT Tech Review form to the Chair of the IT Governance Committee (currently the VP for Administration and Finance). (1-2 weeks)

  • Completed requests received at least a week before the next IT Governance Committee will be added to the next IT Governance Committee agenda. The Committee meets monthly, and as available, the meeting dates will be posted on the web. (1-5 weeks)

  • The goal is for the Chair of the ITGC to share the Committee’s decision with the divisional vice president within 3 business days of the meeting. (3 days)

  • The divisional vice president will then share the decision with the appropriate person(s) in her/his division. (1-7 days)

Note: Under exceptional circumstances, a vice president may ask the ITGC for an expedited consideration of a time sensitive request.

September 5, 2017