Adobe License Changes FAQ

  • In 2019 Adobe launched a new licensing model for Enterprise customers. Their previous licensing model utilized serial numbers for each installation on each computing device. When a serialized installation was complete, that took 1 license out of pool of licenses that were purchased. What began happening is that the number of serialized installations started to bypass the pool of purchased licenses and became difficult to audit.

    With their new Named User License or Shared Device License, a license is assign to a user or shared device. When the license is assigned to an individual, they can install the Adobe products on up to 2 devices. When a license is assigned to a shared device, the device is licensed and users then have to log into the Adobe application to use the product. This new licensing model allows for more accurate audits of installed applications and access to the document cloud to save and share Adobe files.

  • To properly remove old and outdated versions and versions that are installed with a serial number that will expire, all Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud applications must be installed. This will ensure that everyone that needs an Adobe license will have a new Named User License and those identified labs/classrooms will have a Shared Device License. Adobe Acrobat Reader does not have to be uninstalled.


  • To install Adobe Acrobat Pro or Creative Cloud applications, you will need to request a Named User License. To request this, you can contact the IT Solution Center at 231-591-4822 and talk to an agent who can assign the license right over the phone. This request can also be done via Chat or by creating a ticket through our IT Self-Service Portal by clicking here. When making your request, please specifiy which license you are requesting - Acrobat Pro DC or Creative Cloud.

    Follow the links below to uninstall your Adobe software:

    Uninstall Acrobat Pro DC

    Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

  • Once you are assigned a Named User License, you will receive an email from Adobe. The email from Adobe will be a welcome email with a "Get Started" link contained. Clicking the "Get Started" link will take you to an Adobe web page where you will be required to login and setup a password. This password is not connected to your Ferris account in anyway. Once you setup your password, you will use your Ferris email address and the password you just setup.

    After setting up your password, you will be provided instructions on how to download either Acrobat Pro DC or Creative Cloud application. If the license is for Creative Cloud, you will need to download the Creative Cloud application that will allow you to download any of the associated Creative Cloud applications contained within the suite.

  • With a Named User License or Shared Device License, the Adobe applications will continually stay updated with the most recent version and patches. This will ensure that you will always be using the latest version of the software to ensure compatability. Additionally, you will have access to the Document Cloud service to save and store Adobe files that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Each lab/classroom computer that has been identified in the Software Planning Process will have a Shared Device License Adobe application installed. This will license the device against our pool of license in our Adobe contract. Only when a student logs into the Adobe application with their Adobe credentials will it become an active installed license. Each time an Adobe application is needed to be used, the student will need to login with their Adobe credentials.

  • A Named User License can be installed on up to 2 computers. The student employee's supervisor can install the Adobe applications on the student employees computer and use their credentials to license the applications. Alternatively, the students supervisor can contact the IT Solution Center and request a Named User License for their student employee.

  • Standard students (not student employees) can get Adobe Creative Cloud at a heavily discounted price than retail. Click "here" to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud for Students.