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Brent M. Williams

Brent M. Williams

Brent M. Williams
Brent M. Williams

Associate Professor, CWI
Welding Programs
School of Design & Manufacturing
Phone: (231) 591-2639
Email: [email protected]


  • MS, Ferris State University, Career and Technical Education, Instructor
  • BS, Ferris State University, Welding Engineering Technology
  • AAS, Ferris State University, Welding Technology

Publications and Intellectual Contributions

  • Journal Article
    Bierlein, M., Charles, J., Polisuk-Balfour, T., Bretscher, H., Rice, M., Zvonar, J., Pohl, D., Winslow, L., Wasie, B., Deurloo, S., Van Wert, J., Williams, B. M., Ankney, G., Harmon, Z., Dann, E., Azuz, A., Guzman-Vargas, A., Kuhns, E., Neufeld, T. P., O'Connor, M. B., Amissah, F., Zhu, C. (2023). "Autophagy impairment and lifespan reduction caused by Atg1 RNAi or Atg18 RNAi expression in adult fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster)." Genetics. 225 (2). pp. 1-17. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.