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Computer Networks and Systems

Computer Networks and Systems

A Cisco Network Academy Member

Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Systems CNS

Introduction to CNS

Advancements in computers, networks and high speed control continue to create a demand for graduates proficient in network communications, computer hardware and software Employers value professionals capable of developing, applying, and managing these technologies. The ideal employee will have both 'hands on' and theoretical knowledge of networking, digital communications, microprocessor systems, real-time software for control applications, electronics, and project management.

Traditional engineering programs contain large amounts of theory and mathematics, which often does not apply to employer needs. Laboratory time for applying what is learned is minimal or non-existent. Electrical engineering programs typically lack adequate software, computer systems, and network training. Computer science programs are deficient in digital, microprocessor, interface, network, and real-time systems education. Both graduates lack hands-on skills. The result is that neither has the proper education for the job.

Computer Networks and Systems (CNS) is a modern Bachelor of Science degree program ideally suited to these careers. The CNS program emphasizes networking (Cisco Networking Academy member), smart devices (embedded microprocessor devices), computer control, systems integration, real-time software and operating systems, digital/microprocessor theory and design, real-time software and operating systems, project management, and provides a solid foundation in electronics. CNS emphasizes skills and applied theory most valued by potential employers. Course work integrates laboratory exercises to further strengthen newly learned concepts and promote hands-on skills. Additionally, a summer internship provides real work experience.

Computer Networks and Systems emphasizes:

  • Network implementation and administration
  • Network communication theory, test, design, and applications
  • Real-time control networks
  • Operating systems
  • Computer control systems design
  • Microprocessor, digital and electronic theory and application
  • Micro-controller applications, designs, programming and integration
  • Software development and applications
  • Project Management

We offer advanced placement for students in the Cisco Networking Academy or have CCNA certification.