Industrial Technology & Management

Industrial Technology & Management

If you have technical education, technical training, or military training in your background and you're looking for a career move to an administrative role or an advanced technical position, this degree is definitely the one for you.

We know that many people working today have their associate degree, or have earned college credit from a variety of schools, but are looking to take the next step and earn their bachelor's degree.

That's why we designed this flexible degree program to accept a variety of college credits with an easy, streamlined transfer process.

Go from Shop Floor to Top Floor

If you are looking for the skills and confidence to step up to more challenging, higher-paying manufacturing jobs, such as team leader, production supervisor, quality manager, sales engineer, engineering supervisor, or production controller, the Industrial Technology & Management BAS will give you the edge you need. We have designed this program for people already involved in any one of a number of areas in manufacturing who possess many manufacturing or business-related credits or an associate degree, and who desire a bachelor's degree.

Get a Great Job

Most of our students work in a manufacturing facility and wish to advance their careers, responsibilities and salaries. By bringing a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of manufacturing, additional skills are learned in the program that can transfer directly to the workplace.

Employment opportunities for graduates are found across the entire spectrum of manufacturing and related industries. Common job titles you can expect from completing this program include production supervisor, project leader, team leader or a position in middle management. Depending on your previous experience, additional career tracks one could expect from obtaining this degree may also be available in engineering, upper management and sales.


This degree program is offered a two of Ferris' Statewide locations. Which one is right for you?

This degree is also articulated with Muskegon Community College.

The Curriculum

Courses include manufacturing based content such as plant layout, product design, quality, safety and environmental health, project management, and others.
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Industrial Technology and Management (ITM) Program
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