Crib Operations/Tool Distribution

Tool Crib Purpose:

The tool crib obtains, stores, and issues tools, which are available for temporary use during lab. It also maintains all special tools, tool sets, special equipment, and assortments of parts and components, which can be obtained through the instructor for specific lab projects.

Tool Crib Attendant Responsibilities:

All tool crib attendants must be trained to work in the tool crib to distribute tools and equipment for Manufacturing Tooling Technology labs. The tool crib attendant is responsible for understanding and executing the following operating procedures.

Tool Crib Lending Procedures

  • Tools can only be used during lab hours.

    Individuals, who use the Tool Crib, must sign out tools borrowed from the tool crib! —No Exceptions. Tools may not leave the Institute premises, and must be returned to the tool crib at the end of lab. Students borrowing tools will leave their student ID card with the tool Crib Attendant. The students ID card will be returned to students upon return of the tools.

    Borrowing of tools from the Tool Crib is limited to the assigned lab, and will be distributed from the class number/designated tool storage cabinet. All cabinets are located in the Tool Crib.

    Students may only request the use of lab equipment (Lathe, Mill Etc...) only if there is an Instructor present in the lab.

    All tools, equipment, mobile equipment, and supplies necessary for lab training activities shall be requisitioned through the Tool Crib

    Tools and equipment not available through the regular channels may be obtained through the lab instructor only. Please be advised that all MFGT classes use these tools and their availability is extremely important.

    The Tool Crib Attendants main responsibility is to manage the crib according to the rules and regulations that have been established and adopted by the Manufacturing Tooling Faculty.

  • Tooling and equipment will NOT be loaned over night or on the weekends.

    Independent Organizations and/or Maintenance Departments are not permitted access to the tool crib area nor its equipment and supplies.

  • This manual was developed to define responsibilities and procedures for the storage, distribution, and inventory of tools used in the Manufacturing Tooling Lab.

    Tool crib cabinets will contain the necessary tools to accomplish assigned jobs in lab. And to provide the necessary equipment required fulfilling lab projects (Project Drawer.)

    Tool Bins are necessary for good tool management.

    Tool Bins will be distributed to all crib users for easy of transport and tool return operations.

    All tools must be returned at the end of the lab period.

    All tooling must be returned to their proper drawers / cabinet at the end of each class period.

    Tools provided/supplied by individual Organizations (SAE Car Build, Baha Car Build, and related organizational activities, can access tools from provided cabinets per their advisers instructions.

  • Authorized persons allowed to enter the Tool Crib will include instructors and teaching assistant personnel if necessary during lab hours.

    Tool Crib personal are the only authorized individuals allowed to work in the Tool Crib area during lab hours. (other than those indicated above)

    Students / individuals may have access to the Tool Crib area during lab hours with the assistance of their instructor or lab assistant.

  • Crib Attendants will be responsible for the operations and management of the tool crib during lab hours. All Tool Crib attendants will be responsible for: manning the crib distribution window, crib security, tool and equipment distribution, tool and equipment collection, tool organization, and general tool crib maintenance. (Clean Cabinets, Sweep Floor, Wipe Down Cabinets, Rag distribution, Etc…)

  • All tools, equipment, mobile equipment, and supplies necessary for lab training activities shall be requisitioned by means of a Sign-Out Sheet.

    Consumable materials (e.g., grinding wheels, shop rags, filters, etc.) will be controlled and distributed by the Tool Crib.

    1. When there is no Instructor present in the MFGT lab, all tool distribution will cease.
    2. The use of the tool crib will ONLY be available to those students enrolled in a Manufacturing Technology course of study.
    3. It is the responsibility of designated Tool Crib Personnel to ensure that they know how to check out tool crib items.
    4. All students who borrow tools from the Tool Crib must be issued a Bin Number.
    5. No item will be taken from the tool crib without it having been signed out.
    6. No tools will be loaned for use in other labs. All tools issued through the crib will be issued from cabinets that are designated to the MFGT class/ lab that is in session.
    7. Any individual who wishes to check out tooling from the tool crib is required to fill out a checkout tool sheet that is available in the tool crib.
    8. The tool crib attendant is responsible for providing records the name of the individual and each tool he/she is checking out on the checkout tool sheet and files the requisition sheet accompanied with the individuals School Identification card.
    9. All tools, supplies, and equipment issued during lab hours will only be issued to students enrolled in the class.
    10. Additional tools requested by a student during lab hours must be added to the tool check out sheet.
    11. All students are responsible for those tools borrowed under assigned bin number.
    12. Crib attendants and students are responsible for tools lost or damaged through negligence or theft.
    13. No tools or equipment issued through the tool crib will be used for anything other than manufacturing instructional operations.
    14. No tools or equipment will be removed for personal / departmental or maintenance operations.
    15. Crib attendants who violate this policy may result in dismissal of duties and be held accountable for the replacement of missing items.
    1. All tools and equipment issued through the crib will be returned to the tool crib at the end of each lab period.
    2. When an individual returns borrowed tooling from the crib, the tool crib attendant will confirm the contents of the issued tool bin to the items listed on the tool check out sheet.
    3. All individuals who use tooling supplied by the crib are responsible for cleaning all tooling before it is returned to the tool crib.
    4. Crib attendants will only return individual student ID cards when, and only when all identified tools have been returned to the tool crib under the students assigned bin number.
    5. Any broken, lost, or misplaced tools and equipment will be brought to the tool crib attendant’s attention. The tool crib attendant will also check the condition of all returned tools and report the broken or dull tools to the instructor at the end of the lab period.
    6. The crib attendant reviews the checkout tool sheet and the tool storage cabinet inventory at the end of the lab period to be certain that all tools have been returned. The crib attendant will be responsible for the whereabouts and condition of all tooling and equipment prior to the end of his/her shift.