Connecting to FerrisWifi with a PC - Part 1


802.11b or g wireless adapters, which can be purchased at most electronic stores if your computer does not have a built in wireless networking capabilities.

If your computer has a switch to turn your wireless antennae on, make sure it is on first.

1. Click the Wi-Fi symbol on the lower right-hand side of your taskbar.

Connecting to FerrisWifi with a PC - Part 1

2. Click on the Ferris wireless connection with the strongest signal and then click Connect.

Connecting to FerrisWifi with a PC - Part 1


You should be able to start accessing the wireless network at this time.

Note: If connecting to FerrisWiFi, the password is FerrisWiFi.
If connecting to FSUStudent, the password is FSUStudent.

Accessing the Ferris Network

You may need to authenticate (log in) to the network access service (Bradford) to use sites off campus and some sites on campus. 

If you are a student in the residence halls or apartments, look up any additional configurations you may need to do.

Click here to learn how to authenticate with Bradford.