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Connecting to FerrisWifi with a PC - Part 2

1.  Upon attempting to use the Internet on campus through your personally owned computer, you will see an “Isolation Notice.” This notice simply means you haven’t been given access to the network yet, and that you need to register your device.


2.  Read and accept the “Proper Use Policy” agreement. Without agreeing to the “Proper Use Policy,” you will not be able access the Ferris Network.


3.  Click Start in order to register a computer or mobile device for students and employees.


4. Type in your Ferris Username and password for your Ferris account under “User Registration” and click Login.


5.  An “Opening Fortinet Persistent Agent.exe” box will appear prompting you to save the file. Click Save File.

6.  This saved file is the Fortinet program. Run the program and enter your Ferris username and password once more.


7.  Allow the program to run, and wait until it states that it has completed.

8.  If you receive a message stating that your computer has failed the “Minimum Security Specs –   Students,” check, continue to step 9. Otherwise, go to Step 12.

9.  What has happened is that your computer does not have up-to-date operating system        patches, and/or it does not have one of the approved antivirus programs installed. To keep the network safe, your computer will only be allowed access to the “Remediation Network.” The Remediation Network will allow you access to web sites to get the patches and programs you need to get on the network securely.

10.  Once you think you have resolved all the issues listed on the Remediation Network screen, click Re-scan.

11.  If your computer passes the security test (Success screen), you will now able to connect to the Internet.

12.  Restart your Internet browser and attempt to view a web page outside of the Ferris Network.

For assistance on how to resolve any issues, contact the IT Solution Center at 231-591-4822, or toll free at 877-779-4822.