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Privacy, Security, and Usage Rules

What security and privacy policies are in place to protect student information?

All student accounts that show personal information are password protected with an 8 character password, including at least one capital letter and one number. If the student calls for information, Ferris staff is required to get either the student campus wide identification number or another form of identification before providing any personal information. If the staff member has any reason to believe that the caller is someone other than the student (parents, guardians, or significant others cannot access information), the employee is not allowed to give any of the student's personal information, even if the caller has the proper information.

How does the campus notify students of their rights under the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

When students login to MyFSU for the first time, a page is loaded explaining FERPA. This FERPA page is again loaded once a year when you login to MyFSU.

How does the campus manage email spam and spyware?

Email spam and spyware is managed by the Gmail spam filter.