Health Administration and Health Information Faculty and Staff

Department Administration Office
Sheila MacEachron, Department Chair VFS 402
Linda Morris, Department Secretary VFS 400
Health Information Office
Paula Hagstrom, Faculty/Program Coordinator VFS 400B
Paula Koning, Faculty FSU-GR
Toni Windquist, Faculty VFS 413
Health Care Systems Administration Office
Gail Bullard, Faculty/MHA-Program Coordinator VFS 414
Antoinette Epps, Faculty/HCSA-Program Coordinator VFS 409
Mark Hutchinson, Faculty VFS 411
Steve Karnes, Faculty VFS 407
Kim McVicar, Faculty VFS 410
Julie Ward, Faculty VFS 415
Interprofessional CORE/COHP Office
Sheila MacEachron, Faculty/Coordinator VFS 405A
Roger Daughtery, Faculty VFS 304C
Tracy Glentz, Faculty VFS 310
Brad McCormick, Faculty VFS 300A